Beauty Product Reviews

I love it :-D

There are not many eye shadows I love, but I love this. Easy to put on. Blend easily. beautiful colors. We do not have this in Norway, then order it from the UK and I have no regrets. To all of you girls who do not have this. BUY IT:)

Love, love, love it

Not bad, considering the price, it `s Easy to blend, long-lasting with a primer, very pigmented, and many fine colors. the only thing is that I do not like the packaging. but there are options on it too:))


Yes definitely. This I like. It has a good coverage, it stays a while. but I have problems with that I can stay dry under the eyes so it can be a problem for me. but I have a hopeless skin type so I have to be careful under the eyes so it should not be ugly. but use it on the nose and chin and it does the job for me


I'm not impressed. I feel that I paint my face with anything other than the foundation. Moreover, I also feel that it melts away. but it has a good coverage for an hour at least. but all in all, I'm not impressed

I love this.I apply this under my eyes and apply concealer.It is amazing.Last all day.My eyelids like this to but not all eyeshadows stay put in 5 hours and then its creasing.But under the eye.yes please (Google translater sucks)

This is a life saver. can not say it's summer in Norway now but this saves me. use it in the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose and it keeps for a long time. need to add some extra layers during the day but it does its job