Beauty Product Reviews

Your hair deserves this dryer!

I have been using blow dryers for 40+ years and my requirements have been high wattage and separate controls for temperature and speed. I thought it didn't matter which brand you bought. THEN I received an extra Lucky Bag last year that contained the T3 travel dryer and flat iron. OMGosh, did I get phenomenon results! I decided to purchase this full size T3 and once again I have to say OUTSTANDING! My hair doesn't get over heated, it styles better, and I no longer get static. The shine is off the charts! I love the fact that the cold shot button clicks on so you don't have to try to hold it down. I know it's an investment but if you can afford it (flex pay) , I highly recommend it!

MY Kind Of Highlighter!!

This may be the most beautiful highlighter for people who don't want to sparkle and dazzle. The effect is luminous and adds a soft glow to my complexion. It does not enhance fine lines and pores. The powder is very finely milled and doesn't create unwanted texture. I hope By Terry decides to make this part of the permanent collection.

My New HG Toner!

I only started using toners again the last couple of years. I have dry skin and I didn't want anything that would strip my skin and cause further dryness and irritation. I did find one I really liked from a high priced brand. I have become totally devoted to the Bioderma brand and when I found their toner on Beautylish I had to give it a try. This product is amazing. I feel it actually adds moisture to my skin without any oiliness or heaviness. It balances my skin's pH after a peel or scrub. My skin loves this toner and it costs less than half of what I was paying before. The Bioderma Hydrabio Toner is a must have in my skincare regime.

Excellent For Puffy Peepers!

I really love the Bioderma Sensibio Eye because it is so effective at soothing and deflating my puffy eyes. I have mature dry skin and this product is also excellent at smoothing and moisturizing the skin on and around my lids. I highly recommend it!

A Gossamer Veil That Gives The Perfect Finish!

I ordered this powder based on the recommendation of a friend. She couldn't say enough good things about it. I have mature, dry skin and have always had issues using loose powder. I have wonderful Japanese powder brushes and I know how to apply loose powder with a light hand. Even with all that I have been somewhat disappointed with the results up until now. This is the most finely milled powder that I have ever tried. It is as light as air and it will actually float if you shake the container right before you open it. (Give it a moment to settle) It contains hyaluronic acid microspheres that blur pores and keep your skin from getting dried out. The price is substantial but you need very little product to finish your makeup so it will last quite a while. I have found my HG loose powder and am thrilled!

Exceeded My Expectations!

Over the past year or so I have really built up a foundation wardrobe with different finishes and coverage. I had heard many good reviews for the CT Magic Foundation so it was on my wishlist. I asked one of the wonderful CS reps at Beautylish to help me choose the correct shade. She nailed it! I have mature dry skin and was looking for good coverage that didn't look too heavy or "fake". I always begin with serum & CT Magic Cream. Then a light application of primer that smooths the look of larger pores in my T zone. I suggest going easy with the amount you apply because this is a full coverage foundation. You can always add a little more where needed. It covers beautifully and evenly without streaking. I used the MAC 170 foundation brush but I think it will work nicely with any dense flat top brush. I use a pressing or stippling motion to apply. It is a demi matte finish but it didn't get too dry or cakey on my dry skin. It didn't settle into fine lines or pores. The color stayed true and finish lasted all day until I took it off. This foundation has exceeded any and all expectations. Great Job, Charlotte!!

Perfect Highlight Brush

I have a large collection of high quality makeup brushes (most from Beautylish) and I have a few that are made for applying highlighter. I like them all but I have to say that this one is my absolute favorite. It is very soft and doesn't disturb the makeup I have already applied but it has enough texture to grab, apply, and blend highlighter perfectly. The shape helps to make precise application easy. I am so glad that I added it to my collection.

Best Lip Scrub! Quick, Effective and Yummy!

I love this lip scrub. It works so well and keeps my lips smooth and in perfect condition. The taste is yummy but not overpowering. Way to go Jeffree!

Lovely, Subtle, Wearable

The glow this product creates is perfect. It's the kind of glow that healthy, hydrated, young skin has when at the beach or walking in the fresh air. It's subtle and very wearable. No glitter or sparkle. I have mature skin and glittery products tend to draw attention to issues like fine lines so I stay away from those. This one is very different. It disperses beautifully over the skin in such a way that there is no settling or buildup. Beautylish has several wonderful brushes you can use with this powder. Right now I am loving the new Wayne Goss Holiday Brush for a pretty holiday glow.


I am a serious collector and user of quality makeup brushes. They can't just be pretty or soft- they need to perform well. When I first saw this brush I wasn't sure what to think but since it's a Wayne Goss I knew it had to be good. It's not good- it's one of the best ever! It is incredibly soft and it glides over this skin a kiss of silk. It applies powders on the skin with even and delicate dispersion. Nothing is more ethereal than a BECCA Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfecter applied with this brush. (Pearl...OMGosh!) You can use it to apply finishing powders, bronzers, or to sweep over your face to blend everything seamlessly. I will confess to ordering a second one after I tried the first. I apologize for NOTHING! ;)

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