Beauty Product Reviews

Decent formula. Horrible design.

You've got to be very careful with that brush. It's so damn stubby and chunky that its difficult to achieve any precision. They should redesign it with a tapered end if they haven't already. The formula works for me. I have puny lashes and this mascara makes them stand out.

Did I Get A Faulty Brush?

First off, I did not purchase this brush directly from a MAC store. I did, however, examine its build, comparing it to 150s from the store, and determined that it is not a fake. My issue is how rough and scratchy it is on my face. The bristles are coarse and dense enough to pick up a lot of powder product, which makes it excellent (in theory) for apply blush and setting powders. I just prefer a softer, silkier feel to my brushes.

-awesome selection of bright colors. -formula is quite pigmented and will give you full opacity after 2 coats -peels quite easily on me, even with a top coat. -the brush is a bit to bulky for my liking

Great buildable coverage. Great range of shades. Needs to be shaken before use because of separation. Bottle is difficult to use. Some type of pump would've been nice but I'm not a huge packaging diva... if the product is good, then I'm good.

I only fucks with NARS blushes. A tiny speckle of pigment on your blush is enough for both cheeks. If you haven't at least tried them, you better get on that ASAP!

.5 star off because I wish it wasn't so pricy... but it's worth the cost.