Beauty Product Reviews


This is actually one of the first Two-Faced products I ever bought. And of course, probably the main reason I am in love with their products today! I have never bought a Two-Faced product that I am not satisfied with!! I love that this set has 3 types of bronzers for different times of the year!! Snow Bunny is definitely my favorite, though. Perfect for my lighter olive complexion!!!

Love it!!!

Hands down the best primer I have ever used, and I have tried several. It does everything it says it does, almost like magic!!! I have never had any issues using this primer!!


I bought this product because I love Two-Faced, I love their bronzers, and a bronzer/blush/brightner combo is exactly what I was looking for!!! This product did not disappoint!!! I love, love, love it, and used it every day till it was gone!! The bronzer is perfect, the blush is the perfect shade for me, and the brightner works wonders!!! And I love how convenient it is!!! A must-have for those who want their complexion to look awesome!!! <3