Too Faced

Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit


Quanta T.

I bought this product because I love Two-Faced, I love their bronzers, and a bronzer/blush/brightner combo is exactly what I was looking for!!! This product did not disappoint!!! I love, love, love it, and used it every day till it was gone!! The bronzer is perfect, the blush is the perfect shade for me, and the brightner works wonders!!! And I love how convenient it is!!! A must-have for those who want their complexion to look awesome!!! <3

Bethany R.

I purchased this product because I loved the look of Candy Leopard. I already had purchased Pink Leopard before and had recently ran out. I went to Ulta to purchase a new one when I came across this product. The Candy Leopard gave a really nice pinky glow for my pale skin. When I was wanting something warmer I used the pink leopard. I found these lasted all day and a little goes a long way. Unfortunately I never got a chance to use the other because my purse got stolen soon after I had bought this product and it happened to be in my purse. They stopped selling it soon after. :( I hope they end up putting candy leopard out by itself. It was a perfect amount of pink and shimmer.

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Mauri W.

The set is ok.. I love the blush and highlighter, but the bronzer doesn't really show up, and highlighter is a little to shimmery. But the leopard print is so cute!

Emilia N.
A Let Down

I was really disappointed with this product. The bronzer didn't show up on my skin, there for the pigmentation is a problem. I don't even now why they call the highlighter a highlighter because the color is too dark to be considered a highlighter, they are usually light for a reason. When you apply it as highlighter it made my skin too shinny, and made my pore and imperfections stand out, it just looked totally unnatural, i can't really explain it any better i'm sorry. The only part of this set that I sorta like was the blush. It is a pretty color and looked nice, although I would have not bought this set knowing that the blush would be the only part worth using . all around this is not a very good product

Victoria D.
So cute!

I have to admit, leopard print makeup is a serious weakness for me, so when I saw this, I knew it had to be mine! It was on my wish list forever, and I finally bought it! So happy I did! I've never used bronzer before, because I am ridiculously pale, and afraid it'd just look like dirt on my face. But I braved it for the sake of this palette. And surprisingly, using a tiny amount of product, and a light hand, it works great for me for contouring! Not too orange or dirt-like. Blended out with the blush and the highlighter, this kit makes even my pale complexion glow. I love it! The blush is a gorgeous pink color, pretty pigmented, and blends out gorgeously on my cheeks. The highlighter is a little iffy. I love it, but I don't love that the brown specks are visable on me because I am so pale. If I use to much, it just looks like I almost got stuck in a dust/glitter storm. But used with a very light hand as a highlighter, it creates a perfect, shimmery glow. I am sooo happy I finally purchased this! Its my go to blush/contouring/highlighter palette for every day since I've had it!

Darian J.

When I first saw this product on Sephora's website I knew I just had to get it so I put it on my Christmad List. Now that I have it.... I'm not so sure I want it at all. I almost never use this. The bronzer is too shimmery and looks funny on my skin tone, the blush doesn't show up very well and has no staying power, and the luminizer just looks plain awful because no matter how little I use it is just way too shimmery and glittery for me. I gave this product 3 stars and I think that is being generous.

Alessia Stella I.
So cute

This product is so cute! It has got an amazing packaging! It's a beautiful bronzer, blush and highlight perfect for spring and summer.. And I love using it 'cause it give me an amazing glow! It's a perfect combo!

Anneka F.
Love love love.

This product was on my wish list for a long time before I actually bought it - and I can tell you I am not disappointed one bit! For starters, it is just sooo adorable! I mostly use the blush and highlight in it, and they are soo cute on! Give me such a cute glow, love the colours! Not exactly a 'must have' ... I'm glad I have it, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

Savannah S.

This is a very smart product, to have bronzer, highlight and blush with a helpful guide on the back, you will win with this. The only thing is you have to apply sparingly, too much illumination on a oily face will be obvious, and over kill. You have to find a middle ground since it does have shimmer. So the bronzer and highlighter with a matte blush is a winning combo.

Kristina H.
Love this

I love this product. I'm not just saying that because I got it at a crazy discount either! This is great for me since many bronzers are a bit heavy. This has peach undertones which compliments my skin better (I swear some bronzers just look like some serious dirt on my face!). I love the blush, it is a very pretty pink color and it is quite pigmented so I don't have to swirl my brush furiously for color pay off. The brighten is not quite a highlight color since it does have some pinky pigmentation in it. I use it to help blend the bronzer and the blush together and if used lightly, it can give your whole face a nice glow. Three fantastic products in one palette... genius.