Beauty Product Reviews

I didn't need four colors.

Maybe I was a bit too industrious in thinking I would use four different colors of this foundation. Maybe I thought I would need it for summertime? All I know is that the color that matches my skin has run out, and now I need more. I recommend buying some sample colors from another site, and then buy one whole compact of the same foundation shade.

I do really like RCMA for the way in which is stays on, the high pigmentation that covers my "age spots" that used to be freckles. However, after trying all manner of primers, I still haven't found one I like, and my pores on the sides of my nose seem to look more obvious than I'd like them to. I also haven't found the perfect powder that both sets the foundation, and keeps control of the oily T-zone, and yet doesn't dry out the non-T-zone part of my face.

It's sparkly.

This stuff makes me feel pretty. It sets the foundation just fine at first--I've used it with both RCMA and Estee Lauder Double Wear. It doesn't mattify for long, so if you're looking for something to soak up an oily T-zone, this is not your best choice.

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I like it, but don't love it.

It doesn't last like I thought it would. My eyes tear easily, so I need something to really stay put. It's easy to put on, not messy, color is fine. But, it definitely does run if I'm dewy/sweaty. I thought maybe it would require special makeup remover, but it really did not. For the price, I would still buy another color or two. I just wish it stayed on a bit longer.

Nothing special.

I bought this to help set my RCMA makeup. I have an oily T-zone that occasionally breaks out, and undereye/cheek area that can get kinda dry. It's not even the hottest time of the year (far from it) and I'm already needing a touch-up before 10 am. Revlon Colorstay powder does way better than this, for a very similar price. It does look pretty when you first put it on, though.


I like that it doesn't make me break out. I like that it feels very moisturizing. I bought it to be a primer underneath RCMA makeup, and for that, I didn't feel like it did very well. It stayed a bit too wet so that the makeup transferred easily to my cell or desk phone, etc. throughout the day.