Beauty Product Reviews

Answered prayer ....

Seriously these are the business....I own most of them now and I've worn these on my lips for the past month on a daily bases. First things first my lips have not cracked dryed and no stiff or gloppy lifeless medicated balmy product was needed (praise him lol)...I can sport whatever colour I want an still have soft amazing lips. My fav is Lollipop....I like the packaging as well super cute and simple too. Just scored a few back ups at a bogo sale and i'm sittin pretty with these lovlies, can't and don't want to alternate any of my other lippies with these around. I have noticed they are more readily available as well so be good to yourself and pick up a few!! Feels like silk and has a cute shine that makes everyone's lip appear a bit fuller. The variety of these means there is a FAV out there that will flatter everyone of any skin that. be blessed all!!

You need this...seriously you do!

Ok first I must admit I am sleek obsessed....but honestly this palette is gorgeous. Daytime super feminine looks achieved by one side and easy evening seduction eyes on the other..(not to mention the brow shades that fit everyone). I also like that even with the neutral disguise of this palette you can still achieve some out of the box drama too....I love love love..... of course you know sleek stays on forever (even here in Hellston, TX lol). Loved this brand whilst living in the UK and will continue to stalk the line from wherever I dwell. A must really, you won't be disappointed!


Okay I'm in love with WNW color icon collection....very pigmented (some even much so you need a very light hand), awesome staying power and great range of colors (I feel). Ok this is definitely not my big sis's WNW from the 80's, these pack a punch and stay around to let everyone know of their presence. Their price for something that performs so well is unbeatable; we’re talking $5.00 and lower if you catch a BOGO. Whatever they drop I’ll find a way to get my paws on! A MUST HAVE ITEM!!

I love this mascara!!! Pulls through a 10 hour work day, dinner over the stove, two trips to the gym ....uh my daughter and I still have to fight it off at night. Does what it claims it would and I love it! ...side note: it even stands up to my Sunday morning's ...woooo good stuff lol!