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One of the best

I adore this powder. It has a satiny-matte finish and no glitter and no sheen. It feels like silk on the skin. The colour is white, but it looks like nothing on my NW20 complexion -- it just disappears. There is no 'powder' look, just skin, which is exactly what I wanted.

It is very expensive, but for now, the search is over. I doubt I will look for a new powder for a very long time.

Great quality, soft texture, and added longevity bonus.

I usually don’t like lip pencils, but this one is near perfect. It’s not as nude as I originally thought when I was looking at the Beautylish swatches; it's a little more medium pink and happily, a touch more pink than my actual lip colour.

It's a creamy formula, applies beautifully and stays on well. It's quite soft, so it applies easily, although I find it so incredibly soft, that I'm sharpening it all the time. I already bought a back-up because for the first time, I will probably use up a lip pencil, since it is disappearing quickly and not just from use, but from the constant need for sharpening.

Dark Pearl does seem to look good on brown eyes, if you like glitter

This was my first Charlotte Tilbury purchase. I bought the two pencils for brown eyes. The texture is soft and the colour goes on heavily, so there is no need to build it up. It glides on smoothly, there’s no dragging, but it's not that smudgy and it needs to be blended quickly before it sets. Staying power is fairly good.

The colours are quite dramatic and much more sparkly that I would normally wear, but for some occasions, I just love the look. The glitter fall out is quite noticeable and has to be cleaned up through out the day.

I wish she had used a twist up packaging because I have to sharpen these all the time, since they are so soft. I didn't buy her sharpener though. I use my old MACS and Urban decays and they work fine.

Great small size for precise application.

I have a few Japanese brushes that look like this -- brushes that can buff and blend, so this isn't unique in its design. Having said that, the size is unique. It's a great compact size, perfect for blending small areas and excellent for precise application.

The multi-level bristles are dense and soft. The bristles hold the product well, depositing the cream or liquid product, but does leave some streaks, so it takes a bit more work, more stippling and soft motions, to get a flawless look. I like using this brush when I want to take advantage of its small size and concentrate on specific areas and shades.

As with most white bristles brushes used for cream and liquid, it will look filthy immediately, but it seems to wash well, although I can never seem to get it as white and immaculate as when it was first purchased.

Impossible to wear, gritty texture

I bought two of these lip tints, one in Dream State and this one, in Bliss Full. The colour is a flattering, natural, baby pink. The packages are great because I bought the refills and just keep them in my Z palette.

The reason for my low rating is the horrible, probably defective, texture. It is very gritty. Not grainy, but actually gritty, as if sand was added to the product. It feels horrible on the lips and I never wear it. Such a huge waste of money.

For that reason, even though I like the colours, I will never re-purchase Kjaer Weis again. I just can't take the chance I'll be wasting my money.

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