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Pretty colour, not great formula.

I was excited to try this product, as I usually love everything By Terry has to offer. Her pink blush shades are my favourite and Terra Rosa is no exception.

The good news is that it looks fresh & dewy, without appearing or feeling greasy at all and as expected, the pink is a very natural, soft neutral colour. It's not over-pigmented like some stick blushes can be.

Now for the bad news -- the lasting power is quite poor and gone within a few hours. The pink side of the stick is more glittery than I prefer, especially noticeable in the sunlight. It's not a glitter bomb, but I prefer a shimmer rather than a sparkly cheek. The highlight side is quite warm toned and hardly shows on my NW20 (in MAC speak) skin.

There's no point in trying to build up the pigment because if I were to apply enough of the stuff for the colour to show up on my skin, the glitter would probably build up too.

It's an okay product, but for the price, it should be exceptional.

Very versatile brush

This is my current favourite face brush. It’s thick and dense and really soft. It is excellent for blending and gives a quick and easy application. The bristles apply the product in thin layers and doesn't streak. This brush reminds me of my Shu 18, but is bigger and therefore easier to use.

Great when the colour is just right for you

I've been expanding my collection of pinky-nude lipstick type balms, and this one caught my eye. I'm fair with mauve-pink lips and this is a nice soft look for me, although it tends to go quite orange and nowhere near the pretty petal peach-pink I see on the Beautylish website. I have to solve the orange problem by adding a touch of pink gloss or soft pink lipstick on top.

The lasting power is satisfactory, maybe 3 hours or so, but since this is a balm, I didn't expect any different. It never seems to really absorb, even when worn on its own and it's not particularly hydrating, but it's okay and looks nice when I add some kind of pink colour on top.

Love this

This is the first lip balm I have ever finished and I'm currently on my second jar. I'm not even sure why I love it so much. It isn't the most unique colour and I do have other balms that moisturize as well, if not better.

Perhaps it's the way this balm tints my lips with a subtle, youthful shade of pale milky pink and the ever so slight, and very understated, shimmery finish that makes my lips look a bit fuller. It isn't sticky, I only need a little bit, I can apply without a mirror and I think I'm addicted to the beautiful rose scent. My one complaint is that packaging isn't very transportable, I had to buy the crystalline bottle to carry with me.

Very disappointed

I'm a self-professed highlighter junkie and I'm always on the lookout for the perfect cream or liquid highlighter that is neutral in colour, with a visible shimmery finish, but no glitter or sparkles and one that I can wear in the daylight. My problem with this highlighter is that the shimmer darkens when seen at certain angles.

This highlighter has a neutral, slightly cool beige colour, but the shimmer turns into a deeper shade in the shadows, like the light and dark sides of a good rug. Combine the deepening or darkening of the shimmer with the lavender and slightly silvery gray tones and this is a huge miss for me. I wish I could have tried it out first because I would never have bought it.

Better luminizers out there

I purchased this Living Luminizer after reading so many glowing reviews on all the blogs. It's sheer, fairly emollient and gives a subtle satin-pearl finish. There isn't any glitter, which is great.

On the negative side, it feels a bit sticky, slightly greasy on my skin and never seems to dry down completely, or absorb, the way many of my other creamy or liquid highlighting products do. It also doesn't stay on for more than a few hours.

I'm always on the lookout for a product that gives the perfect, refined luminosity and this one doesn't. It also does not have that luxurious feel that my other luminizers do. I almost never reach for it.

Subtle enhancement of the lips

Innocent Kiss is my second Hydra-Balm Fill & Plump Lipstick. It's a pale, shimmery peach colour, with not enough pink as I had hoped for. However, it's sheer enough, so lots of my own pinky mauve lip colour comes though and that's fine. I just wanted to tone down, and warm up my natural coloured lips a bit.

I think it works perfectly for a more natural makeup look, or when I might want to concentrate on an eye-centric look that still calls for an understated shimmery lip. It's a moisturizing formula and lately has been one of my most reached for balm-type lipsticks.

I should mention, this is a very soft formula and I'm not sure how well it will hold up if I pop it in my purse during the hot summer months.

Exactly what I wanted

I bought this pale shade to lighten any darker colours I'm wearing. It would be too light to wear on its own. It doesn't stay on for very long, but that's to be expected with such glossy lipsticks. It moisturizes, glides on smoothly, isn't a sticky mess, adds a subtle highlight to the lips and is beautifully scented. I love everything about this lipstick.

Not great

Strangely enough, Penelope Pink isn't pink at all. I was hoping for a pinky, neutral nude, an everyday wearable colour, but this isn't working for me. It's just a neutral nude and not that special. The texture isn't a matte, but it's not overly creamy either and it doesn't glide on smoothly. It's a bit opaque and highlights any dry-patch on my lips. I almost never reach for this lipstick.

The search is still on for the prefect neutral lipstick

There are some great items in the Charlotte Tilbury line, but this lipstick isn't one of them.

Bitch Perfect is not the universally flattering, everyday shade I was hoping for. It reads very orange on my slightly mauve lips (and NW20 complexion). The only way to wear it is by using it as a base and applying pinky shades on top, but in general, it isn't worth the trouble to do the extra work. That's because the texture isn't very creamy and doesn't glide on smoothly. It's not very moisturizing, either.

I don't love my Penelope Pink lipstick either and am reviewing it separately.

If I were to repurchase Charlotte Tilbury lip products, I would stick with the lip liners, which have lovely, flattering shades and great textures.

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