Beauty Product Reviews

A Fantastic Way To Brighten The Look!

I bought this lipstick in Chatterbox, and I was floored. To put it quite simply I didn't think that it would be that great. It was just another hot pink. I was so surprised when I saw that it made my teeth look whiter, and it is surprisingly unique! It helps to also make my teeth look a bunch lighter! It is fab! I love how it makes my look so fresh! All I need to go out for day is Mascara, Concealer, and This lipstick and I have a fabulous look to go out on the town in! I look fresh and awake! I cannot rave enough about this product! Totally check it out! :)

The best highlight money can buy!

First of all I would like to say that I don't usually buy MAC shadows. But I was drawn to the color ricepaper. I am so glad that I had purchased this product! It is the BEST highlight that I have ever purchased! If you have 14.50 to spare and you are in need of a great highlight... I recommend! :D

I LOVE this!

So first a little bit of background info! I went shopping with my best friend at target, and we were looking for good makeup brushes. We decided to walk past the e.l.f. section to pick up some of the brushes, because they were so affordable, and I had heard pretty good things about them. I went home and tried it out with my bronzer (for contour) and I love it for that! The flat top makes it easy to get into the hollow of your cheek, and is pretty precise with application. Not great for blending out the bronzer though... Another great use for it is for blending, and applying foundation. I love the way it makes my foundation look airbrushed and amazing. I cannot say enough good things about this brush! The one con I have is it's somewhat hard to clean. The makeup can tend to sink to the bottom of the brush and sit there. But the price is right, and it is a FANTASTIC brush! So if you ever find yourself looking for a wonderful brush, I recommend this particularly if you are just starting out with makeup! :)