Beauty Product Reviews

Thumbs down 👎

The LaMer foundation brush is rough. I brought the brush probably 3 years ago and have used it less than 5 times. Please save your money and space in your makeup drawer.

Awesome lip brush. Love the unique synthetic material that is used for this brush. It is very soft. It’s precise and perfect to blend lip liner and apply the lipstick. A back up of this lip brush is always needed.

Too light

The color was not a good match at all. I am a 7.7 Honey in the Tom Ford foundation in the winter. In the summer I am Tahoe in NARS foundation if you follow under these shades then is Dark Beige will be way to light. I got creative and matched my darkest shade in order to use this cushion.

Blends beautifully

I brought the anniversary set a while ago and I love the foundation brush. It's soft and blends like a sweet dream.

Love it!!!

Great face palette. This blush last all day long. The formula is like no other. Very happy, worth the price and get a lot of product for the cost.

Awesome brush set

Wayne's brushes are so soft and high in quality. At age 40, I just want to pamper my face with the best. Thank you Wayne for providing such beautiful brushes.

Awesome brush set for a newbie

This my first set of expensive brushes. I love applying my makeup with beautiful and soft tools. Thank you Wayne Goss being my first 😍.