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Beauty Product Reviews

Small for $85

This brush looks like an average blush brush not a powder brush. Most powder brushes are FULL and large and fluffy.. Not this one. If you have to buy it.. Get it on sale!!!! Mine was 20% and I still feel like it was a lot for what I got. I also noticed a lot of shedding when I first used it.. :( I hope that goes away soon!

It’s nice

It’s nice and it does a good job but definitely not worth that kinda coin. The brush handle feels cheap plus it’s not a straight black color it’s some charcoal looking color mixed in with black. Meh.

Not that impressed

First off I thought the brush was gonna be dark and shiny then I get it and it’s this marble looking drift wood... Not what I’d call fancy looking. The brush itself is soft and does what it says but if I’d have seen it in person first I wouldn’t have bought it.