Beauty Product Reviews

Wonderful Fall Palette

I ordered this palette on a whim. I initially wrote it off when I saw people having issues with patchiness. But I couldn’t get the color story out of my head. I never had the ABH Subculture palette, which is said to have a similar color story. I felt I wanted to give this palette a chance.

It was a great choice. I love the classiness of an all-matte look I can get with the palette. I can also use shimmers from other palettes to compliment these colors. I plan on getting her Gold Palette to do so. And the colors are pigmented and lovely fall colors. Be warned, however, that you shouldn’t blend the cool toned colors too much. They will leave a patchy mess underneath. The best way would be what other reviewers suggested. Packing the shadows on with a flat packing brush, carefully. I know cool tones are hard to manufacture well, so I’m willing to put in the extra work for these to work. The warm tones, however, will work just fine without the extra work. Overall, wonderful colors that complement my skintone, and excellent pigmentation. Five stars.

Money better spent on other products

I wanted to love this palette. I dropped $129 plus international duties and taxes to get this product. I gave it a fair shot. But I can’t justify this purchase. I know what Natasha Denona shimmer eyeshadows are like. They are the best of the best shimmers. I own the blue/purple palette and love that palette. I also expected the same quality for these shadows. But... just no.

Mattes have improved. But for $129? You can get better mattes from Viseart eyeshadows which have holy grail level mattes. With the exception of the lilac zena, you can get similar shades from Viseart mattes palettes or the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, which is also one of the best shadows I’ve ever used. Shimmers? I bought this product for the shimmers and they are not pigmented and I have to dig the shades out with my fingers or sponge applicator to get the bold color payoff that I want and even then, they still look very patchy. The shade exotic was the worst. If you want the palette for the shimmers, save your money. I also bought the new Pat Mcgrath mini palettes and those were far superior compared to this palette.

I really want to return this but won’t even bother because of the hastle. Return shipping costs for international shipping would cost a lot and I don’t want to spend any more time and money on this. So dissapointed. Lesson learned; never buy a product without reading the reviews based soley on brand hype. Seriously, I expected better for $129.

Beautylish’s shipping was fast, and I do not fault them. The product just didn’t meet my standards.

Beats the others

One thing to note is that during winter, my eyes water like crazy! So in these situations I have to forget shadows or just go without primer because both the primers I’ve been using erase the shadows off completely the moment I start to tear up. This primer, however, doesn’t do that. The shadows stayed on perfectly and I was pleasently surprised! Also, I have really hooded eyes and all shadows crease a lot on my eyes. This one prevented my matte shadows from creasing, and the colors didnt fade away! I still need to use glitter glue for the shimmers though.

There were some cons as well. I noticed that the shadows took some more time to build up (totally worth it because they stayed on beautifully for hours even with severe tearing outdoors without fading), and the tube squirts too much product out. So be careful when squeezing your product out. I would have taken a star off for these reasons, but I’m just so happy that I finally found a primer that could withstand my winter watery eyes, that I would give it the five stars.

So, my next request would be for Viseart to start making glitter glue? I love my Too Faced glitter glue, but I’m interested to see what vieseart could do for glitter and shimmer shadows.

My favorite matte eyeshadow palette

The price is a lot to swallow. But these shadows, I feel, blow every other matte shadow out of the water. I am decluttering all the matte eyeshadow palettes I’ve had because these are just that good. I don’t need to use a primer with these. Primer or no primer, these just work the same. Primer might give more vibrancy, but these shadows are so pigmented that it honsetly didn’t matter. Tried it with and without primer btw. And also, I think everyone mentioned this, but they blend like a dream. They are really pigmented, but they blend easily and look beautiful and natural on the eyes. Was originally planning on getting Natasha Denona shadows, but picked this one up since it was a limited edition, and no regrets!

My second favorite eyeshadow palette

I got this about two weeks ago, and started playing around with it. And wow. This is my second favorite matte palette now. And this is second because my favorite matte palette is the Viseart Grande Pro vol1. With the Grande, you can do complete looks. But with the dark matte palatte, since I am South Korean with light toned skin, I can’t complete looks with it. This is something you should really consider, especially if you have light skin, when buying this palette. I use the dark mattes as a complimentary to the Grand Pro and I love the results! The shadows blend like a dream. There is no patchiness that you’d expect from dark pigmented shadows. The colors are vibrant. The colors are also beautiful and the textures are true matte. They have a lot of pigment, so just a tap on each side of the brush is enough for me. I haven’t experienced any kickback from the shadows because I normally use a light handed approach with these. The finish is also very natural. I feel it is worth the investment with these Viseart eyeshadows, and will certainly be decluttering the other matte palettes that I have since I don’t feel I’ll be reaching out for those anymore.