Beauty Product Reviews

Favorite Lipstick Shade

I have never been able to try the liquid Androgyny as it is always out of stock, so when JSC came out with the Ammo version, I jumped at the chance immediately. Great, soft creamsicle scent (I really appreciate scent on comestics). The color is perfect and I just mean perfect for my skin and lip tone, like a darker more "taupey" than "mauvey" Sagittarius (liquid lip shade). What surprised me and put it as number 1 for me is the consistency. It is creamy but more solid than other creme formulas. For me personally, I prefer liquid lips because because lipstick has a tendency for me to get all over and break, which is irritating. I like that this "ammo" has some tug. I think it may annoying to other clients but for me it made spot on application easier. Coverage is medium to full in one swipe. I definitively want more of this shade.

Also 2/3, as the Other Beautylish Box

Much like the other Beautylish collection box (with Sagittarius), I got this one for Rose Matter and fell in love with it and Gemini. I know everyone raves for Mannequin, but it's not my cup of tea however, JSC formula is great and I want to see hpe it fares as a base with othet lip colors. Rose Matter is such a beautiful pink, to me, it worth the whole box but Gemini is very wearable. I still find the box is really well curated.

2/3 but I still love them

I bought this collection just for Sagittarius and I was not dissapointed. The color is perfect for my skin tone and lip tone. I was pleasantly surprised by Pumpkin Pie, which has like a bit of shimmer or glitter in the color. My least favorite is chrysanthemum, just because it looks too milky on my skin tone and it's not my style but nothing inherently wrong with it. I would still get this box again JUST for Sagittarius.