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Beautylish Special Edition Lip Box II

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Jay O.
Special edition ?
Photo of product included with review by Jay O.

Ok, so I clearly understood the product was on sale, and said no returns, but most people are under the impression they are getting the special edition collectors set, all red caps. However since Pumpkin pie was re-released with a pink cap, it doesn't live up to the pictures, it's really not the same special edition lip box 2 😑. Just disappointed it isn't disclosed in the description that you are only getting 2 of the limited edition shades with red caps and that pumpkin pie is the re-release. A lot of people only purchase certain items for collection purposes, so this was disappointing. Other than that I love beautylish, my packages from them always come nicely packaged and I've had no other issues.

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Erica P.
Love the shades

Love the shades but was super disappointed it didn’t come in the special edition beautylish box . They came in individual boxes.

Erica P.
Great shades only one downfall

I ordered these back before Christmas ,I love Jeffrees velour liquid lips and love these shades.I received all 3 in perfect shape, only thing disappointing is they didn’t come in the collectors beautylish le box.

Erica P.
A little bummed

I love these shades though I’m a little bummed they didn’t come in the exclusive box like I’ve seen them come in the past. But these shades are right my ally, love the set. As always.

Rachel F.

Love the mix of colours in this box, pumpkin pie is stunning. The little box is handy if you wanted to take a few colours travelling too.

Alyssa L.

Beautiful colors and arrived faster than thought! The packaging was great and looked amazing right out of the box!

Brandi W.
Photo of product included with review by Brandi W.

Great quality lipsticks but mine came with messed up packaging. the print of the Jeffree Star logo was printed wrong and the lid of the lipstick doesn’t snap. It was only one of them which was Sagittarius. (The last one in the photo) The other two were fine though.

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Adaliz M.
2/3 but I still love them

I bought this collection just for Sagittarius and I was not dissapointed. The color is perfect for my skin tone and lip tone. I was pleasantly surprised by Pumpkin Pie, which has like a bit of shimmer or glitter in the color. My least favorite is chrysanthemum, just because it looks too milky on my skin tone and it's not my style but nothing inherently wrong with it. I would still get this box again JUST for Sagittarius.

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Jade C.
100% would recommend

J* liquid lips in my opinion are the best there is! They are so easy to apply and the staying power of these little beauties is amazing! I love all three shades that come in this lip box. All are unique but very wearable.

I love the box too its perfect for storage

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Lara H.
This Jeffree Star Beautylish Special Edition Lip Box II is out of this world!
Photo of product included with review by Lara H.

I absolutely adored the Jeffree Star Beautylish Special Edition Lip Box (I), so I was really excited to see that they had released a second one! The shades in this Lip Box are really great choices. "Pumpkin Pie" is strong in formula and only takes a layer to get its full glory. The micro glitter is somewhat hard to see, but the shade itself rivals its competitors! "Chrysanthemum" is gorgeous with very clear and obvious micro glitter, it is, however, slightly watery in formula so it takes a couple of layers to make it stand out. "Sagittarius" is my star sign (!!), so I love it for that, but the color itself is strong, especially after a couple of layers. It, too, has a slightly watery formula when you compare it with other purples, such as "Deceased". All in all I think this Special Edition Lip Box II deserves five stars. It may not be perfect for all, but it's pretty perfect to me!

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