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Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Beautylish Special Edition Lip Box


Vanda U.
Vanda U.'s Review Image

I love this cute limited edition set! The box is to die for, and the shades are stunning and easily wearable for a wide range of skintones. It is the perfect variety of shades for people looking to try out JSC Velourl iquid lipsticks without being ready to dive in and try the bold colors.

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Queeny D.
Triple bomb

Lol I love all the colors in this LE lipstick box set. All of them feel like I'm not wearing anything on my lips and from Anastasia to Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, it does not feel tight on my lips at all. The box is pretty and simple. It's not too special of a box but for the price of the set it is really great. My favorite is the shade Gemini and I'm glad I got it finally and with two other cute shades. Rose matter is my perfect pink and the mannequin is my perfect nude. I have pigmented lips and usually make the lipsticks I wear look weird but these put on are the colors I get on my lips. Truly a great buy. If you have a chance to get this box set when it becomes in stock, or any of the shades in it, I suggest get them! They are worth the buy and you won't regret it!

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Emperatris V.
great colors and quality

This was my introduction to the JS lipsticks. I feel that it is a great starter kit with essential and very practical colors that I can wear everyday to work. They are not super unique colors, however they are special due to the packaging, scent, brand etc. I have similar hues from the new launch of the Milani amour matte lip cremes and aside from scent and color differences, I would not be able to tell them apart on my hand or lips. The texture, application, and longevity are all great.

Mannequin is by far my favorite. Rose Matter is a very flattering pink, not obnoxious or crying for attention. Gemini is cute, not my fave..a little to brown on me so it channels the chola lipstick in me. Also, only in the gemini bottle I have noticed the color is leaking out and very messy. I have to clean it off every so often which is a waste of product. FYI, I keep all my lipsticks standing in an acrylic base.

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Marina R.
Cute packaging!
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Packaging is so perfect! Love itttttt so much and the colors are even better! #GeminiRocks

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Miriam W.
Beautiful Box!

This product is perfection in a box. I don't have to mention that Jeffree's products are really high quality. The velour lipsticks last for hours and even withstand drinking and partying. Their formula is great, they smell of rootbeer and each of the colors suits every skin tone.

The box itself is so neat. It got Jeffree's tattoos all over the surface and the inside is black velvet. If you open it you feel like having a little treasure in your hands.

Beautylish did a really great job with the Lipbox and I am happy to buy again from them, if they restock my favourite products from Jeffree Star.

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Chloe  E.
Beautiful Package & Design!!!
Chloe  E.'s Review Image

Very happy with the new shades. Was waiting for the Gemini restock on, so I was very pleased that it was included in the deal. Love the box as well. Very nice. I'll be wearing these shades all summer. XOXO.

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Corina S.
LOVED this set!!!!

Not only are these colors gorgeous but the limited edition box is super cute!!!!! Love all 3 colors and extremely happy with this purchase!!

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Kay A.
Jeffree Star Cosmetics has the best liquid lip

The LE box contains JS's best colors. I am extremely pale/fair skinned and Mannequin is a godsend. When I ordered, I fully expected for Mannequin to be one that I couldn't use, much like Nude Beach, but I was shocked when I put it on. I have never found a nude that looked so good on my skin-tone until now. Rose Matter is such a gorgeous color. Gemini is the absolute best warm-toned pink. The box itself is great for travel.

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Sonnel d.

I am completely obsessed with this collection!!!! Gemini is my favorite out of the three - it's my go to "nude" and every day lip color 😊

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Carrie D.
Love jeffree star lipsticks!

Amazing packing, & the best liquid lipsticks. They are very long wearing! I am highly pleased with beautylish & Jeffee star. Will definitely be buying again!

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