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Beauty Product Reviews

This cream really does feel like a cloud

I’ve been looking for a lightweight moisturizer for a while now. It’s summer, I like to swim, so naturally my skin suffers through. Even being dry, I’m honestly not a huge fan of heavy creams, so this moisturizer just fits right into my routine! Super lightweight, no strong scent, silky and plumps my skin up without leaving me greasy.

(I’ve even gotten my fiance to start using it and he loves it too!)

high coverage without the cake

This has been my holy grail concealer ever since I got my hands on it.

It’s creamy, super long lasting, blends out like a dream. Once she sets, she doesn’t crease on me at all! I especially love that I never look cakey with this concealer, even when building up the coverage in my problem areas.

If you’re looking for something high coverage without the cake, this is the one!

IMO, Hyaluronic Acid is a must for almost every routine. It's a great way to make sure your skincare penetrates as deeply as possible and I love this one so, so much. It's super lightweight and absorbs in seconds. It doesn't leave you skin sticky after it absorbs and preps your skin for all of your other skincare goodies.

Bonus Points: It doesn't pill when layered with other serums and oils!

my newest foundation obsession!

This is my newest obsession. I have normal to dry skin, not a ton of texture, but definitely have a breakout somewhere on my face consistently (usually hormonal). I’ve been looking for a new foundation for about a year and haven’t really been able to find anything that I love - that is until this beauty came to be.

The finish is very natural and allows for a beautiful full coverage. Less is definitely more - I cannot stress this enough. Begin with a half pump (plenty for a full face) and build the coverage in any problem areas. I personally use a Beauty Blender for application and find that it’s a super smooth, quick and easy application. That said, I found it’s really easy to use too much, so don’t be afraid to start small and build up. I’ve worn this for 8+ hours and still feel like there’s no creasing and the coverage lasts and doesn’t separate!

As is, I feel common with Hourglasses foundations, these shades do run on the warmer end of the spectrum, so keep that in mind when choosing a shade.

Try this beauty out!!

I really love this brush. I have smaller eyes, so the small tapered point allows for precision application, while the super-soft blue squirrel hair gives a seamless blend without tugging or pulling on the lid (perfect for textured or more mature eye lids). The brush easily picks up product and precisely applies it to the lid without a ton of fall out. I’ve also used this brush on clients who have a larger lid spaces for really defining the crease and what can I say, perfect every time!


Uhm, why this glue only has 1 review is beyond me.

This is the absolute best lash glue on the market. It's latex free, so it's great for everyone. The brush applicator makes applying the glue to the lash band a breeze and it dries down super quickly, making lash application so much faster than other glues I've tried. The cap doesn't get all goopy with dried up glue and it absolutely stays put all day - which is a must. I've even used this lash glue for a photoshoot in the rain and had no issue with droopy lashes.

Romantic and Fluttery

I'm honestly really happy with these lashes! I initially thought the lash band would be a bit thick and stiff, but once I trimmed and applied the lash it was actually really flexible and felt super lightweight. They were really easy to blend with my natural (super straight) lashes and gave a really romantic and fluttery appearance. After removing them, I didn't feel like the band was flimsy, worn out or compromised from the first use. I'm definitely doing to give the other lash styles a try!

Lights out is right

This smells absolutely divine. The blend of Chamomile and Lavender give it a soft floral/natural scent, while the mix of Celtic and Pink Himalayan sea salts balance the scent, giving it an almost citrus aroma. I love this for a bath before bed.

I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to products saying they'll help you sleep better, but honestly this really helps me relax and unwind. The other night I soaked in the tub for about 30 minutes, hopped into bed and was "Lights Out" within 10 minutes. (PUN INTENDED). The little bits of dried flowers are a lovely addition and really add to the experience. I do wish they included a muslin bag or had one available for purchase separately, as the instructions suggest using the product this way. But other than that, I am wonderfully impressed.

I'm in love. The color & shape allows me to add a little bit fun to my normal black on black outfit. The biggest benefit for me is keeping my clothes clean - I always get product on my clothes and this has greatly reduced the instances as of late. The strap is super soft and easy to adjust, but doesn't budge when its on. The palette itself is easy to clean, doesn't stain and keeps your products & application 10x more sanitary.


Deep cleaning brushes is a pain. It's time consuming and given the sheer amount of brushes I have - a daunting task. That is until I found this beauty. Wet, swirl and rinse and my brushes are back to looking brand spanking new.

I love that I never have to go back in with the soap to get the brush to rinse clean and I find my brushes perform insanely better than with any other cleanser I've used. Plus it's cut my deep cleaning time in half and I absolutely adore the soft lavender scent.

Pair this with some brush guards and your brushes will be singing your praises.

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