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Beauty Product Reviews


The best brushes that Sonia has come out with yet (and I own them all). Worth every penny. The Master Face and Soft Cheek are the standouts from first impressions because of their versatility and softness, but I can honestly see myself using all of these in so many ways. They are the perfect travel set. A true work of art and a pleasure to use - I am over the moon with them. Hoping that they get better and better with each use/wash like her other brushes do. Congratulations Sonia on another master creation <3

Wish it had more structure

I purchase this to store my Sonia G, Wayne Goss and Chikuhodo brushes as I have a very small bathroom without a lot of storage space. I find that it doesn't have enough structure in the body to really protect my brushes and I have found myself reverting to the old 'brushes in a jar' set up which isn't dust free (I just cover the tops in cling film). I wish it had more structure in the body so that I could use it for travel and feel like my brushes were truly protected. Other than that, it's very good quality and the zip is very smooth. I will use it to store my skincare in my hand luggage when I fly on short trips with no check in luggage.

Perfect blending

This is only my second Chikuhodo brush and I love to use this to blend out my transition. It picks up my products very well and disperses it evenly and easily. Even shadows that I've found difficult to work with previously. It is ultra soft and a pleasure to use. I wish the handle was a little longer, I find that the shorter handle encourages me to hold it closer to the ferrule which means I sometime apply a little heavy handed if I'm not paying attention.

Perfect Size

I find the worker 1 and 2 a little too big for my eyes for precise placement - but this is perfection. It picks up my products so well and is the perfect size for my lids. I use this to pack on shimmer and it's changed my application style and makes everything so effortless. I own all of Sonia's brushes and this is a brilliant addition to the line.

Lower Lashline Wizard

I'm a novice in every sense of the word when it comes to eye makeup. But this brush makes smoking out my lower lash line so easy and always manages to pick up and distribute the perfect amount of product. I have not used the dyed version so I can't compare them, but I use this brush every day.

Takes time

When I first used this brush I was disappointed. It left a streaky awful finish to my foundation. After watching WGs video on this style of brush I immediately tried again using half as much product and it was perfection!! I am still having trouble around my nose area but I’ll get there with more practice I think. So I’m now using much less product and getting a great finish!

Sonia G Tragic

I am a self confessed Sonia G Tragic. I own all of her brushes and need no convincing to purchase whatever she releases. This is one of my favourite brushes to use from her line. It’s so versatile, I like to use it most with my Hourglass Etherial Light Powder. It is so incredibly soft, it blooms wonderfully after a few washes and the weight is fantastic. It’s so wonderful to have a large fan brush with a handle! You won’t be disappointed.

Total luxury

I, like others, bought this from another site before it was available on beautylish. It is my first Chikuhodo brush and I am blown away. I was struggling with my hourglass setting powder but this brush picks up so much product and dispersed it evenly without any issues. It is SO soft and a great size! I just adore it. There is a lot of give in the bristles which I enjoy for a loose powder brush. I can’t compare to any other MK series brushes but Its my favourite brush to use apart from my Sonia G Sculpt 4. A real luxury purchase but totally worth it. It’s a work of art.