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Worker Three

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Bless D.
Really good eye brush

I have both this and worker 2 brush. This is a smaller version of worker two. This eye brush is great at packing on eyeshadow on the lid or using it on the crease. I haven't tried any cream shadows yet but might use worker 2 for that job.

julie l.
Not as pictured

It's a beautiful brush but doesn't look like the picture from another reviewer. I have the worker 2 and wanted something a little smaller so I ordered Worker three. I saw a picture from another reviewer and it looks significantly smaller than worker 2. To my surprise, the brush I received is just a little thinner and shorter but the width seems to be bigger. I'm not so sure why. It's beautiful but I had to return.

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Kinga K.
Super soft

I love this brush! The size is great. The brush is super soft, blends like a dream. Even I do not like the design of the brush I'm fine with it because the brush itself is awesome.

Isabelle R.
Surprisingly dense

This brush good for building and buffing, not good for diffusing crease work. Applies eyeshadow heavily and slightly drags on the skin when I try windshield wiper motions.

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Stephanie G.
Where have you been for my entire life??

I just got this brush yesterday from Beautylish. I used this as my transition brush. I have always had problems with my transition color. It was soooo effortless and easy to use. I stood staring in the mirror for at least ten minutes before I applied anything else. The brush is the easiest I have ever used. It lays down color. It blends like a dream. This is a miracle brush!!! I am in awe!!!!!

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Sara P.

I was deciding between the worker three and two but I purchased the three. I am so satisfied with my purchase. Very soft, picked up the color so smoothly and applies so well. I will continue purchasing from this brand and probably will rebuy this one since I love it so much.

Eka R.
Simply great!

I love this brush, it performs beautifully, a true worker brush. Picks up product great, especially those cream to powder formulas! I’m happy with my purchase . Sonia G brushes are great , I have a lot of her brushes and never experienced any issues.

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Gwen G.
Three > Two for me!

I started out by purchasing the worker 2 brush last fall and really loved how easily it handled cream products. But I wanted something with shorter hairs. And now I have it and love it so much. The softness of the goat hair is unparalleled in any other brush I've tried. And the products can be built up which I love for cream products.

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Julie K.
Amazing brush

This brush is just brilliant, I have the worker two which I love but this is smaller and fits my lid like a glove. Fantastic at picking up and depositing colour where you want it. If your a Sonia G fan like myself then this brush is a must have. I don’t know how she does it but her brushes just keep on getting better.

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Bren O.
SO Wonderful!!

I have every brush Sonia G makes and this brush is such a perfect companion to the eye collection/ I use it every day! I can do anything with this brush, lid work, crease, build color, just anything you need to do. I feel so lucky being able to have and use her brushes, it is an out of body experience for me each and every time I pick one up

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