Beauty Product Reviews

Chapped lips? Moisterize and just dab, don't smear it!!

I never was a lipstick person actually, but Revlon turned me against my old beliefs!! One thing that is different is that the color you see on the lipstick is not the color you get. For instance, the Pink Pout lipstick has some sort of dark pink/purple, but when it's on the lips, it's definitely a baby pink color. If you're hesitant on buying any of these lipsticks, you should look up reviews on YouTube where they show you the packaging and everything because there are a lot of good ones!! However, you shouldn't be hesitant because these lipsticks are AMAZING.

SIDE NOTE: One thing I hear a lot about these lipsticks is that they make the lips look dry and chapped. Yes, they do. However, I do something to decrease dryness and not make my lips look as much like the Grand Canyon. I of course put on a chapstick or something moisturizing for the lips. Then, what I do is dab the lipstick on my lips. I never smear the color on my lips because like I said my lips are really dry. Yes, I still get the full effect of the color when I dab the color on my lips, so it shouldn't be a problem for you! Also, I just don't really like sticky and shiny lipsticks, so I'd prefer dry and matte any day!! :P


For such a cheap price of $2.80, this nail polish is quite amazing!! I am not afraid to say that I am a bargain hunter. Out of all the cheap nail polishes I've bought, I truly believe that Love and Beauty is the BEST. I love the fact that this nail polish provides cheapness and quality at the same time.