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Julianne J.
Love the pinks!

Love the pinks!

I got this in Pink Pout and Sky Pink after weeks of trolling reviews to see if these two pink shades were worth getting. I got Nude Attitude a year or so ago and hated it, but felt like the these two pink shades held more promise. I'm so glad I didn't write this line off, just because i got the wrong nude shade so long ago!

Pink Pout (002) is a blue/purple based pink in a white milky base. Its darker in value and more purpley blue than Sky Pink. I had been on the hunt for ages for that perfect blue based baby pink/Nicky Minaj/Barbie doll pink, and I think this one pretty much fits the bill. For a matte lippie, its super thick and creamy, and glides onto the lips effortlessly. Since its so milky and light, you don't have to worry about glaring mistakes once applying, plus its so easy to just wipe any blip away because of its smooth texture.

Sky Pink (012) is another Barbie pink color, but more yellow based, another bright pink I was hunting for for what seems like eons. This and Pink Pout look so good with a black smokey eye or crazy big cat eye wing, not to mention neon colors. This also has a smooth texture and milky white base with the light pink pigment swirled though out. Again, since its so light, its easy to swipe on without taking forever because of mistakes, but I've found the intensity of the pink color will fade after a bit. I think the pink just looks lighter and lighter as the color fades, so reapplication is a must. But since they slide and glide on so well, reapplying is a cinch! Sky Pink also looks great as a base for Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Punch. I can't wait to play with these more and add super shiny glosses over for some pop!

Long story short, these are awesome! So girly and fun! <3


Pink Pout broke off! So be careful with these, they are soft! I actually like Sky Pink better, but I would have gotten into this more if it had not broken! Oh well- I'll need to expand my lipbrush/depotting skills.

Nhi N.
Chapped lips? Moisterize and just dab, don't smear it!!

I never was a lipstick person actually, but Revlon turned me against my old beliefs!! One thing that is different is that the color you see on the lipstick is not the color you get. For instance, the Pink Pout lipstick has some sort of dark pink/purple, but when it's on the lips, it's definitely a baby pink color. If you're hesitant on buying any of these lipsticks, you should look up reviews on YouTube where they show you the packaging and everything because there are a lot of good ones!! However, you shouldn't be hesitant because these lipsticks are AMAZING.

SIDE NOTE: One thing I hear a lot about these lipsticks is that they make the lips look dry and chapped. Yes, they do. However, I do something to decrease dryness and not make my lips look as much like the Grand Canyon. I of course put on a chapstick or something moisturizing for the lips. Then, what I do is dab the lipstick on my lips. I never smear the color on my lips because like I said my lips are really dry. Yes, I still get the full effect of the color when I dab the color on my lips, so it shouldn't be a problem for you! Also, I just don't really like sticky and shiny lipsticks, so I'd prefer dry and matte any day!! :P

Gabrielle M.
LOVE it!

Just bought this the other day and I am in love. The color is very flattering on my skin tone, and it made my lips nice and smooth! I did notice though that when throughout the day I went to reapply it, it started to feather. So definitely using a liner first next time. Can't wait to try more colors!

Molly S.

I think this is an okay drugstore lipstick, the color is great, but the lipstick itself is a bit cakey almost, like a bad foundation. the color's great, but that's about it.

Myrna P.

I love this lipstick. I have three of them, really red, pink pout and mauve. They have great staying power, looks great and it less than $10. I would recommend this product.

Kristina S.

I got this lipstick last year on boxing day which is a day after xmas. I love the color, i love how pigmented it is on my lips, correct me if i'm wrong but i find it's a dupe for mac viva glam gaga lipstick 1.

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Ashley B.
I have pouty lips that look amazing

PROS: This product sells anywhere and is really cheap for the quality of it. I absolutely love this matte lipstick. I bought it as a cheap alternative to MAC's matte lipsticks and fell in love. It doesn't really dry out my lips or anything like most mattes do. It is very long wearing, and easy to use. I would recommend this for everyone.

CONS: I would swatch the colors, if you can, in the store. Some of them don't show up as deep as you'd expect them too.

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Mandy H.

I actually really love this lipstick and I was even happier because it's a drugstore item! :) It gives off great pigmentation, lasts about 4 to 5 hours before applying again overall great product! I do reccomend using lip balm before applying the lipstick to avoid the dry lips and the lip color sinking into the cracks/lines.

Alysea P.
Nice Baby Pink

This lipstick, I was told was a dupe to MAC's Angel, which I have as well. I however, don't think its a dupe at all, at least on my lips. Maybe on a more light toned lip it comes off different, but on mine it doesn't look the same as my Angel does. I do definitely think this lipstick is gorgeous though. It is very pigmented and is a very light carnation baby pink. I normally throw a gloss over this and the outcome is very pretty. I also like that with Revlon lipsticks, you can see the color through a clear panel at the top of the lipstick :)