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Aug 20, 2015

Shaye M.

Hey! I just saw that you liked the Australis go long wear lipsticks, are they a matte finish? I've already purchased all the Velourlips shades I like so if they have more matte lip products I'm unaware of I need to know! Hahah 😘

Mar 05, 2015

Melanie S.

Following. (: love that lip color on you!

Mar 02, 2015

Sam S.

Hey! I saw your anniversary post and it will probably get deleted (it's kind of dumb...there should really be an "others" category lol), so I wanted to give you some ideas. Because he has a lot already, maybe do something hand made. I made a mod podge wooden box for my boyfriend that had pics of us, his family, etc.and he loves it. He keeps all kinds of stuff in it. You could also get something personally engraved. Hope I helped! :)

Feb 04, 2015

Gabby M.

:3 * lol

Feb 04, 2015

Gabby M.

You're absolutely gorgeous! :4.

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Jillian S.

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19 year old Australian girl :) I really enjoy makeup and beauty related everything :) I am not pursuing any careers in beauty and I do not bear the correct skills, rather I am studying a bachelor of graphic design at uni :)

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