Beauty Product Reviews

Beautiful Brush

I have yet to be disappointed with any of the Sonia G brushes I've purchased and this one is no different.while it can work well as a big blender brush, I like this one the most for detail highlighter applications. Not only can it get the highlighter to very targeted areas, but it can also blend and buff it in for a beautiful finish. The construction of the brush is top notch and the hairs are all beautifully, securely placed in the ferrule. I love the shape of all the Sonia G brushes, but I personally find the pro line to be the best fit for me personally. 10/10 would repurchase

Fresh faced every day!

This is the best exfoliator I have used in a very long time. It's gentle but it works! I can't use it every day as I have rather sensitive skin, but the combo that is in the bottle is as close to perfection as I can get. Speaking of the bottle. That is the only reason I have it 4/5 stars. I dont know if I got a defective bottle, but my nozzle keeps clogging and the color is not even all the way down the bottle. It's like there's rust stains between the plastic exterior and the metal vacuum pumped area. For a luxury brand (and priced) product I would have thought the packaging would be a hight caliber.

Meakup Gone, but...

I normally like to use a micellar water before I oil cleanse to get all the stubborn waterproof makeup off. After a glowing recommendation from Michelle Wang on her youtube channel, I decided to give it a try. It does a very good job removing the makeup, but my eyes are normally irritated and red for hours afterwards if I get even a little in them. I can use it on all of the non-eye makeup and it works great, but for mascara and eyeliner removal (the part I normally use these products on) is a no go. So sadly, this was not a success story for me.

What Waterproof Mascara?

I have very sensitive eyes that water and that means I have to wear waterproof mascara. If I want to remove said mascara, it's almost impossible to find a gentle, effective way to get it all off even with and oil cleanse. This was my solution! The Bioderma Sensibio doesn't irritate my eyes and it whisks away the makeup each night. If I've got some really stubborn makeup, I just lay the soaked makeup round on my eye for a few seconds and it "softens" enough to come off easy-peasy. I normally follow-up with a double cleanse, but normally this has removed 99% of the makeup so I can just focus on the skincare. Each bottle seems to last forever. I love it!

Great Body Bar

I have a terrible time with winter skin and this soap helped to solve that problem. I have some seriously dry, flaky patches that are gently cleansed and moisturized. No more try, irritated skin! I also tend to get spots of break-outs on my body and this bar has actually helped cleanse those areas to stop the breakouts. I love that the scent is barely noticeable and it just leaves me feeling clean and refreshed!

Daily Serum that Moisturizes

I have dry, dehydrated skin with some signs of aging. I'm also prone to millia around my eyes, especially if I use products with silicone/dimethecone. I was very pleased to find this serum for my eyes that moisturizes, smooths, and wakes up my undereye area all while wearing well under makeup. I use it in the morning and at night and love the soothing feeling I have as it sinks in to my skin. I am on my second tube now and will happily keep purchasing this for as long as I am able!

Nothing Special, Nothing Harmful

I purchased this in my never ending search for the perfect vit c serum. This doesn't seem to do much for my skin. I have dry, dehydrated skin with a few signs of aging (spots, fine lines around my eyes). This didn't improve my skin texture nor did it noticeably brighten my skin. I have used some serums in the past that have done both, but with some slight redness and tingling. I didn't get any redness or tingling, but I also don't see any benefits from the daily use. I won't be repurchasing this.

Three > Two for me!

I started out by purchasing the worker 2 brush last fall and really loved how easily it handled cream products. But I wanted something with shorter hairs. And now I have it and love it so much. The softness of the goat hair is unparalleled in any other brush I've tried. And the products can be built up which I love for cream products.

Heals and soothes skin...

I used a sample size of this product last summer when I had issues with chafing after some long workouts. The skin was immediately soothed and protected. I then bought the full tube and used it for that as well as any skin issues I had. Cold sores, extreme dry and cracked skin as a night mask, or even just any sore I get when my skin is irritated. I use it and it speeds up the healing process and protects the skin.

Best eye cream I've tried yet.

I was looking for an eye cream without dimethacone for a long time that also doesn't give me milia when I wear it often. This one fit that bill and is priced well. It helps plump up my fine lines on my dry skin and keep it hydrated. I must say that for me, it doesn't wear well under makeup so I can't put it on in the morning when I'll follow up my routine with makeup. But as a night eye cream, it's perfect.

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