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Breakout free extreme hydration & glowing skin

So This product saved my face! During the winter my face seems to become extremely dry & dull and I break out trying to oil it up! So with this product, there are 3 different forms of hydration! I would use all 3 or just one or two depending on my body’s hydration level or however my skin is that day! Omg! The Aqua fix is a MUST! The texture and consistency left my skin feeling hydrated without any oily residue! I found this portion of the kit to be the most necessary! My skin seemed brighter as well. The texture is something I’ve never felt before. It’s like an emulsion of some sort but I ended up using this one the most! My skin was so Dewey!!!!! Next the! It’s very light but goes perfectly with the aqua fix and oil! The 3 types of hydration cover all angles and if you’re conscious about wrinkles then you need this! I’m 35 and I’m deathly afraid of wrinkles and getting old so I’m OCD with my skin! People say I look 18-27 nothing more because I’m super OCD and always looking for the next best thing! Ok so last the oil!!! I love this oil!!! It’s called “the better oil” and it’s better! If I’m going to use an oil it’s going to be this one! With this oil my face is super protected and I feel my face being coated with nutrients but get breakouts! My skin is acne prone so I haven’t been Able to use oils like I would prefer especially since I’m afraid of wrinkles and looking old. Keep in mind I do take ALOT of vitamin A internally which also keeps my oil glands serum free. All & all this is an anti-aging Kit! We should all be aware that the clock is ticking so starting early with keeping skin super Dewey and hydrated is important. I also have the Balm Voyage and it literally cured my allergic reaction to medicine that I developed on my neck! It was really bad it was turning into eczema! Well I had nothing else but this balm and I rubbed it on the rash everyday for a week the rash completely disappeared! It’s gone! Very hydrating...better than using straight Vaseline. Texture is also more creamy and easy to spread. I love this stuff! I’m so excited about ordering more! I’m so glad I know about this!

Interesting product

This product smells great and is a really neat idea. You rub it on your face every morning, rinse off and blow dry your face for 15 seconds. It actually does make the pores noticeably smaller if not invisible as well as smooth out the skin. My skin is softer since I’ve been using it. I feel like I look younger. It could be a mind thing and I’m also taking 400,000 IU of vitamin A daily so not sure if that’s why I look much better. My skin texture has improved. I’m going to purchase the other NIOD products within this line. My skin feels healthier and cleaner. I also like the fact that it’s a morning mask because I love to feel like I’m doing something in the morning and not just at night. I think this is a valuable product. It’s a lot of product so I’ll be using this stuff for a while. I also leave this mask on longer than 10 minutes. I can go several hours with it on. It dries up kind of clear so I sometimes forget I’m even wearing it. I do recommend this product. My skin feels like I’m 10 years old.

It’s a really good cleanser for sure

I feel like this cleared my acne. When I ran out, all hell broke loose! It smells wonderful. Purchasing this product for yourself is an act of self love. I’m sold and will be repurchasing ASAP along with the CoQ10 toner and clearing mask!

Smells amazing

Not sure if it cleanses the skin. I feel like it’s more of a hydrating mask. It just smells so good.

Not sure what this does

I used it and got bored when I didn’t see any immediate improvement. The texture is strange. It’s borderline sticky and slightly warm when on the skin. It’s supposed to be fighting free radicals and hey I’ll keep using it just In case because I ended up having a delayed response with the Red peel.

Not the best for me

I don’t think squalene and my skin mix. I thought it would be better with the retinol but it wasn’t. I love the 2% emulsion tho!

Can’t live without this

I have reordered this consistently. I have given this product to friends and family as gifts. This is a necessary product. My skin looks way better since I started using the ordinary products in general but this was the first product I ever ordered and I haven’t gone a day without it since the first day so that should tell you something.


I initially gave this product 3 stars but...not gonna lie it’s favulous. I was a little mad because of the price. But I find myself afraid to run out. It smells fabulous and I use this as an overnight mask almost every night mixed with lixirskin vitamin C paste which I love as well. My skin looks amazing. I’ve stepped up my routine but I’m reordering despite the high price. I’m not even finished with my first tube as a little bit goes a long way! Thanks to Farmacy for creating this!

Smells great & I will repurchase

So I broke out really badly recently about two weeks ago. So I decided to purchase this and give my skin as much nutrients as possible. It’s 7 days in and my skin is completely clear. I’m not saying this product cleared me up, but usually in order to dissolve pimples I have to dry out my whole face. Not this time. I used this product each morning for about 3 days, after that I started doing it twice daily and then I layered it with farmacy vitamin C mask and started sleeping in it. 7 days in & im completely clear. I had a really bad break out with about 10-15 new pimples all on my cheeks and around my jaw. I will make this a staple in my skin care routine. It smells amazing as well! Like aromatherapy! I love this product! Plus the fact that it’s a rinse off means I can use my other products that don’t go with vitamin C during the day such as The Ordinary EUK 127. If anyone is interested to know how I completed cleared a horrible break out without drying my skin out and still able to use oil & moisture in 7 days here’s my routine:

Lixirskin Vitamin C paste Farmacy vitamin C mask Lixirskin electrogel cleanser The ordinary 2% retinol granactive emulsion The ordinary 5% retinol in squalene The ordinary EUK 127

I’m going to add the lixirskin emulsion to my routine as soon as I place another order. This entire line will be my morning routine until further notice!

I didn’t notice anything

Maybe this product worked because my skin was super clear while using this but I was also using literally almost everything while also using this product. I would leave it on for hours and still I didn’t really notice much but I love that it’s red and I feel like I’m doing something. I will say This, I didn’t have to exfoliate while using this so I guess that’s something. The price is so low that I’m still going to continue using just incase it really does work and I didn’t notice it. ;)

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