Vitamin C Paste


sarah F.
Wrong textre

Vitamin C paste makes it sound like the texture would be similar to a ‘paste’ (the packaging also reminds me of tooth paste). The texture of my product is very runny, very similar to a lotion and when I first received it has separated so only the oil dispensed first. After shaking it the product was still very runny and similar to a lotion. This picture is from when I first opened it! There was oil everywhere and made a slight mess.

I am not a huge fan of the scent, it’s not horrid but I don’t find it particularly pleasant. I thought the ‘paste’ felt slightly oily going onto the skin and on the skin but it doesn’t feel heavy. I experienced no irrigation from it. This mask is designed as a quick morning mask which is exactly what I used it for. The Vitamin C paste feels warming on the skin and it’s very easy to rinse off. It washes clean without any greasy residue

Is it effective? The product promises ‘natural UVB /UVA protection’. Whilst there is no SPF’s in the ingredients, some studies have shown L Ascorbic Acid does offer some protection against UV exposure. ( this paper references some of those studies but also mentions a 5% and 10% conc that were used in those studies, not sure of the conc in the Vitamin C paste) we know Vitamin C has amazing antioxidant properties so I did not reply on the natural protection this offered.

I got this mainly to target hyperpigmentation and a way of adding extra Vitamin C. in hindsight I realise what is the point of having vitamin C in a wash off product to target pigmentation issues? I personally have not experienced any long term benefits, I do get instant healthier looking skin after its been washed off but nothing concentrate in the long term.

I am also very disappointed in the texture of the product. I was expecting a thicker creamy mask that stays put during showering but I got a runny messy that drips down.

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Ann B.
Hocus Pocus

I don’t know what magic is in this tube but I am glad it is there! For some reason, this Vitamin C Paste is the only thing that instantly clears up my chin when a breakout is brewing. I apply the product on my chin and around my mouth then turn on the shower and wait for it to warm up. Right before I get in the shower, I apply a bit more to my cheeks and forehead and then rinse it all off as soon as I get in. I am left with smooth, blemish free skin.

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Jan K.

I love this stuff. It feels nice and is easy to remove with a warm, moist cloth. My skin looks brighter, smoother and firmer. I am certainly impressed.

Kristyn R.
Real Results!

I have used this mask for the past few mornings and I'm pleasantly surprised to see that my skin looks a lot brighter and tighter.

I cleanse with a super gentle cleanser to get the remnants of last night's oils and serums off my skin, then apply this mask and leave it on while I hop in the shower (like 5 minutes). There is a slight tingle towards the end of that time but nothing super intense. I rinse this off with my konjac sponge to reveal bright, smooth skin.

I really love the concept of this brand- simple, no fuss skincare that works. Impressive!

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Molly S.

I love this stuff. I've used other vitamin C products, but they never seemed to do anything. I use this in morning and at night, and my skin texture has really improved. It seems to be brighter, and when I had a hormonal breakout it cleared up much more quickly than usual. I will keep repurchasing this, and I plan on picking up other Lixirskin products in the future. Definitely impressed.

Word of warning: don't leave it on too long! It's really potent and really only needs 3 minutes, maybe more if you're used to vitamin C products. It will start to tingle, that's probably when you should rinse it off.

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Cortni J.
Smells great & I will repurchase
Photo of product included with review by Cortni J.

So I broke out really badly recently about two weeks ago. So I decided to purchase this and give my skin as much nutrients as possible. It’s 7 days in and my skin is completely clear. I’m not saying this product cleared me up, but usually in order to dissolve pimples I have to dry out my whole face. Not this time. I used this product each morning for about 3 days, after that I started doing it twice daily and then I layered it with farmacy vitamin C mask and started sleeping in it. 7 days in & im completely clear. I had a really bad break out with about 10-15 new pimples all on my cheeks and around my jaw. I will make this a staple in my skin care routine. It smells amazing as well! Like aromatherapy! I love this product! Plus the fact that it’s a rinse off means I can use my other products that don’t go with vitamin C during the day such as The Ordinary EUK 127. If anyone is interested to know how I completed cleared a horrible break out without drying my skin out and still able to use oil & moisture in 7 days here’s my routine:

Lixirskin Vitamin C paste Farmacy vitamin C mask Lixirskin electrogel cleanser The ordinary 2% retinol granactive emulsion The ordinary 5% retinol in squalene The ordinary EUK 127

I’m going to add the lixirskin emulsion to my routine as soon as I place another order. This entire line will be my morning routine until further notice!

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Jennifer T.
It works

I have been using this vit c every morning as a cleanser + quick mask. I leave it on for about 3 - 5 mins. The result is beautiful. I notice my skin is brighter and smoother. Beautiful product that works!

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