Beauty Product Reviews

Immediate results.

I have super sensitive skin and I use this once a week—maybe once every other week—for about 7-8 minutes, and then follow up with a super nourishing facial oil (currently using Chemist Confessions and loving it). Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I swear I look younger almost immediately after using this product. I’ll definitely be buying more once it’s back in stock!

I really want to love this!

This brand is really cool and their packaging is beautiful, but I think that this formula just isn't right for my skin. I've been using it a couple of times a week for about a month and a half, and while there isn't usually much immediate irritation, I've noticed that after a few hours the skin on my cheeks feels quite rough and sensitive.

It's subtle enough that I don't feel I need to discontinue using it, but on the other hand, aside from the mild irritation I'm not really noticing any additional effects—good or bad!

This won't stop me from trying other NIOD products—I am definitely still on board, it's just that this one is sort of "meh" for the price point. Also, the smell is NOT as bad as the other reviews are stating. To me, it just smells a bit chocolatey and earthy.

Shimmery and luxurious!

I love this shadow! It provides a TON of shine, the color is beautiful, and the consistency is creamy and rich— I never feel like I'm pulling at my lid while applying. When used with a good shadow primer it stays put all day. The fact that it's all natural is a huge plus as well! :)