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Beauty Product Reviews


After falling in love with her Pillow Talk quad, I wanted to have another one of her shadows, especially this one bc the shades are just so beautiful. The picture looks more attractive than actually swatched. Nevertheless, the shades are pretty. I do like the pillow talk shades better but this one is more work appropriate.

My new favorite.

I always loved shimmers and not so much for mattes. I would always wear shimmers only until I tried this palette. I love the formula and the color. I never thought I would fall in love with matte shadows. I prefer them over my ND palette

For beginners

It is very easy to blend and use. It’s so effortless and helps to make it look natural. It’s quite pigmented as well

Perfect MLBB

I always had hard time finding the right mlbb shade for me but now I found it. I am so excited. This is also my first te trying her kissing formula. I like it better than her matte revolution. It’s just perfect. Definitely will repurchase. I can see myself panning this lipstick.


It's my first Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette. I heard some mixed reviews and was worried it wasn't going to be worth the money. When I got mine, I was happy that I made this purchase. I've been using it everyday since.

I needed 6 dollars more for free shipping. Since I don't wear false eyelashes and I mostly uses sponges for foundation, I decided to buy this. I did read the review by Ankita before purchasing which was really helpful. To me honestly, I find the price quite okay. There is a similar Korean brand product with a similar price but less amount of product. There are only six sponges. Also the product name value is nowhere near Natasha Denona because that product brand would be more on the drugstore side rather than high-end.


It really is soft and light. Mine came with one of the hair pieces (or bristle? I am not sure what to call it. I don't know much about brushes and the term) sticking out. I thought it came shedding and was a bit alarmed. I did not want to go through the refund process since I live in South Korea. Luckily, it works fine and I love it. The piece sticking out isn't serious and I know they are handcrafted and not done by machines so I am not fussing over it. Plus, I loved the packaging of all the products that came. It's my first time shopping at Beautylish and the delivery process and service made me want to continue to shop from here. It is much faster and easier to track than the freight forwarding companies that I used.

The softest brush I have ever touched

I became interested in brushes only recently. I thought synthetic brushes were better actually. I don't where I got that idea. I am glad I watched a youtube channel explaining the differences and uses. Compared to other non-synthetic brushes, Wayne Goss brushes seemed affordable. It seems like I made the right choice to purchase the product because it really is soft and makes me want to buy more to fill the collection.

Luckily found the right shade

I was afraid the colour would not match. I actually wanted to order medium but it was sold out before I could check the item out. I am glad that this happened because medium tan is the right shade for me. I also love that there is SPF 50 but I do wonder if it will really work. The back of the box said reapply every two hours which I don't have the time for.