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Fast & Furious

I truly enjoy how this oil absorbs quickly into my normal leaning to dry skin. At 50+, I appreciate also the lovely glow it adds giving my foundation a youthful fresh finish.

With the color options and variety of ways you can use the beauty oil leads to endless possibilities. I like to wear it alone. I like to add a drop or two to my Vision Cream foundation.

The colors in my arsenal are Original, Sunray, & Blaze.

Primer Top Contender

An incredible primer that rivals Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer, Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer, NARS Hydrating Primer & Fenty Soft Mate Primer.

I am an admitted recovering foundation junkie. What is a great foundation without the perfect primer? A great foundation of course with primer you just get that all day slay.

Primer works awesome with Danessa Myricks Vision Cover and Fenty foundations!

I love this primer. It is very hydrating and gives me the ability to not have to touch up my complexion for 12 hours +.

The price is amazing for the quality.

It also works well with my Eve Lom sunscreen SPF 50.

A Foundation Brush Journey & Discovery!

Here's a little story....

I loved applying foundation with my fingers. I used my fingers to apply foundation from 1986 until 2015 exclusively on my face. In 2015, I decided to use foundation brushes.

I tried several and Sephora's #47 became my favorite. I liked the #47 but it could leave streaks if you weren't making Xs as you applied foundation. It was nice for sheer to medium coverage looks. It allowed me to even out my complexion without covering the freckles in the center of my face, usually 5-7 minutes.

Until I got my hands on a Kevyn Aucoin foundation brush. The first time I used it, I was like, "Okay I see you!" The dome shape of the brush in spite of being a huge foundation brush allowed me to easily get into the nooks and crannies of the face (I'm over 50). It glided over my face quickly and gave me an airbrush full coverage. The only downside is when I was on autopilot. On those occasions, my freckles disappeared. LOL! Still, one of my favorites for the times I want a full coverage for special occasions in 4- 5 minutes.

The brush that retired Kevyn Aucoin to special occasions was the Sonia G. Base One. Sheer, medium and/or full coverage was achieved within 2 to 4 minutes. I fell in love with this awesome creation of a foundation brush.

I thought I was brush-obsessed until I read about Sonia G. and got my hands on her brushes. I can admit to being cynical about all the hype too. Sonia is that B**** when it comes to making makeup brushes. I am not mad at her.

I type all of this to let you know I am serious when it comes to brushes. I adore Wayne Goss Airbrush, #02, #08, Anniversary 2 set and I could go on. You get it! Chikuhodo and Surratt also have some go-to brushes in my collection.

We all that typed the mic drop moment and the brush that holds the ultimate crown in my collection is the Rae Morris Jishaku Brush 26: Radiance!!! If I could only have one foundation brush. Hell if I could only have one makeup brush, this would be the only brush in consideration.

The clouds parted (in my mind) when I used this brush the first time. In seconds, I had airbrush medium coverage allowing my freckles to shine through. And my skin was radiant. I've tried it with Danessa Myricks Vision Cream and other foundations and it is always AMAZING!

I believe Rae Morris recommends applying foundation to brush and then go horizontally across your face buffing the foundation in your skin. I apply the foundation with a finger to my face with 4 quick crude streaks hitting cheeks, forehead, and chin.

In SECONDS (less than 20 for me), I have the perfect foundation application allowing me to easily hit my ears which I usually forgot until this MAGICAL brush.

My french bulldog Jocko chewed up a couple of my brushes. UGH! I will not be replacing his victims. I can honestly type if he got his teeth on this brush I would have no problem spending the $$$ to replace it. I am comfortable spending $20 to $32 for an individual makeup brush and $100 to $175 for a set. Anything above those price points takes a lot of consideration and thought. My willingness to spend over a hundred dollars to replace one brush if necessary speaks volumes to its quality and importance in my makeup routine.

Rae Morris states she believes this is the best foundation brush in the world. I disagree. I think most likely the universe. I don't think an extraterrestrial could top it!

The Rae Morris Jishaku Brush 19: Lip Brush is a winner too! I just wish she'd create a travel one with a lid.

Foundation Junkie

So before I get started I have at least 8 foundations on my counter for personal use. I also have 6 concealers.

Danessa Myricks Vision Cream Cover is my rehabilitation. Once I do my skincare routine I have so many options using the product. Once I use her refining get, I can use it alone. And I am happy.

Yet, my favorite way to use Vision Cream Cover is to blend (a bead, not full pump) with a drop of DM Beauty Oil. I can use it under my eyes and it's flawless.

I usually get compliments on my makeup. Not anymore, now people are saying, "Your skin is so beautiful." They can't tell it's a foundation, and Enlight Powder and Evolution Powder.....

A little bit goes a loooooooong way and wears all day. I wear Fenty 385. I'm actually about to fill up my cart with more Danessa Myricks goodies.

Monochromatic & All Day

ColorFix is a medium you can use eyes, cheeks, lips and pretty anywhere you allow your imagination to take you. Great for an easy to achieve monochromatic look.

I used ColorFix on my eyes and lips and it didn't budge for 10 hours. I wash it off easily before going to bed.

Warning: a little goes a long, long way.

Danessa Myricks has become my favorite brand ahead of Surratt & Pat McGrath.

Waterproof doesn't move

Usually I'm not a big fan of cushion products. Yet, this eyeliner has become my new favorite whether a natural thin line or full on wings. Once applied it doesn't move, easy to apply with my Wayne Goss brush. I like the idea of the cushion as I find it seems like I am only removing the amount of product I need for my application.

I also purchased Cloud Control and Night Walk. I am in love with this line from the liners to the ColorFix to the Enlight Powders to the foundations. Let me stop, I'm a little obsessive.

Best Eye Gloss EVER EVAH

I've always wanted to try the glossy look. Due to oily eye lids and now at 50 years old, I thought, "Girl give it up!"

I have so much admiration for Surratt that I said, "Give the lid lacquer a try!"

So glad I did:

1. It is not sticky. 2. It stayed on for 10 hours plus. 3. It is not sticky. 4. I receive compliments every time I wear it. 5. Crazy easy to apply, literally 2 minutes or less. 6.It is not sticky. I blink or wink and I don't feel it!

As you can tell it being sticky was a major concern of mine. And I had no need to worry...

I NEED more colors, can't go wrong with black though!

Warm Fun Scent

I brought this as part of a Mother's Day gift for my mommy! She really loves the scent. She claims it drives the deacons crazy at church. Yes, my mother thinks she most wanted next to Beyonce.

I've been a fan of Sol De Janeiro products due to the richness of the cupuacu butter in the Bum Bum (pronounced Boom Boom) cream. The cream shares the same scent of pistacio, caramel, vanilla.

It makes my mother feels good wearing it. Anything that makes my grateful (yet picky) mommy happy is 5 star for me. She also loves the lip moisturizer from this line.

For the LOVE of Makeup

I've had my eye on this book for quite sometime. Once I was ready to pull the trigger, Beautylish was out of stock.

I panicked.

I started googling to see where I good buy it. Then I said to myself, "Beautylish restocks give them some time."

The Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass is everything I hoped it would be and more. It truly is a beautiful textbook of the MUA's expert knowledge and talent.

I also appreciate her sharing the tools she uses to achieve various looks. Yes it's her brushes and why shouldn't it be when those are the tools she uses. It doesn't mean you have to buy or use them. You have the option and information to do so or use other tools that are similar.

I have Sam Fine, Bobbi Brown, Reggie Wells, Kevyn Aucoin and other books from the pros. Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass is by far my favorite out of my collection of trade books. Every turn of the page I am filled with excitement.

I am thinking about buying additional copies as gifts for a young MUA I mentor, my daughter and another dear friend. It's that awesome!!!

Favorite Gel

I have coarse hair. I love using this gel for updos, twists, braiding or for smoothing my edges overnight with a head scarf.

Rain or shine it keeps my hairstyle choose of the day in place!

An added bonus is my teenagers have different hair types and it works great for their hair types too!

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