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May 05, 2019

Jasmine a.

I have a question about Danessa Myricks Color fix. I use the matte ones as eyeshadows. I love how they look like skin. But when they dry they leave a tacky finish which creates discomfort for me. I tried using translucent powder on top but it creased. Would you have any recommendation to prevent the tackiness?

Apr 22, 2020


Sorry, Jasmine! I just saw this question!

I finish off my Color Fix eye look with a light dusting of DM Evolution Powder (invisible) with a Surratt Large Smokey Eye Brush, knocks out any tackiness.

Also, you can amp up your look with a similar powder eyeshadow color on top of the Color Fix where your lid folds to eliminate tackiness.

Apr 26, 2019

Ash Bunny L.

You are STUNNING. Goals!!


Location: Texas

GOOD Glam!

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