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Beauty Product Reviews

A huge disappointment

This was the the first time I've tried Natasha Denona eyeshadows, and I have to say that I was extremely underwhelmed. The matte shades were okay (but not as good as for example my ColourPop mattes), but two of the shades were a little too similar. The shimmers were a disaster on me. They faded and creased badly within 30 minutes of application (with and without primer). It was so bad that I gave the palette away because I just could not make it work. NOT WORTH THE MONEY.

Broke me out

The small size is a great way to test this product, and I really enjoyed the formula (good coverage, looked flattering on my dry skin), but... The lightest shade was way too dark for me, and the fragrance in this product made my skin break out and itch like crazy. So if you have sensitive skin, beware.

Tiny and average quality

The product is very small, but the price does reflect that. The blush is a lovely shade, looked decent, and was easy to blend. The highlighter, however, is completely useless. It has no pigmentation whatsoever, and I had to dig into the pan to get it to show up on my face. Only people who enjoy an extremely subtle highlight would like this.