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One of my faves

First time that I tried abh lipsticks and this formula is one of my faves .. the shades are a lot darker than the photos and is perfect for any skin tone ! I love it

Pretty okay

I thought this palette is vegan but then apparently it's not and aside from the fact that it's made in china did not pretty much impressed me with the price. For a $45 palette, I would recommend other palettes which are vegan + made in the USA .. as for pigmentationa and falls out, they're pretty good .. very pigmented and less less fall out as compared to other palettes


Packaging alone is 5 stars but then for a $45 eyeshadow palette I would expect it to be fitted really well. The pans are not fitted on the palette so it kinda look like a cheap knock off. But apart from that pigmentation is good and less fall outs!

Had I known !!

Good thing I bought this brush ! I literally use it for my eyeshadow application. I bought some really cheap brushes and the eyeshadow outcome isn't the same. But Wayne goss crease brush ?!! I don't even have to wash my brushes because eyeshadow colors doesn't cling into the brush! I can move on from one color to another without the need to wash the brush! An amazing investment I'd say!

So love it

Perfect mascara! Makes my lashes really long and I love the wand of this mascara. It's like a comb so lashes can be individually separated. Am inlove with it

  • 400

One of the best eyeliners I've ever tried It's such a lovely shade and lovely packaging. Blends well on the eyebrow and really creamy. Much better than Anastasia I think

I stopped using brush because of this! I'm inlove with the way it allows foundation to blend well into the skin and the way it distributes the product onto my skin. I personally think that this is much better than using a brush.

Just ok. Not very impressive at all. It's easy to blend but then the highlight sucked into my pores and caked on me. The contour is good but the highlight isn't.

Errrr I don't think there's a little shade as shown on the photo. It disappeared on my skin. It's much better to buy the ones with a heavier or darker shade .. sheer nude is just too nude. Waste of money!

Not very happy with this foundation because it's actually lighter than what's shown in the photo. I have a yellow undertone but this is too white on me. Regret buying it because of the price

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