Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect balm for daytime

Lovely balm that is hydrating, but not too thick. Lips look hydrated but not sticky or too glossy. It doesn’t make overlying lipstick breakup or run around the lips.


This is such a unique primer. It has a subtle iridescent glow and really helps makeup appear more dewy. It works well as a subtle highlighter as well. Love the cushion compact as well.

Simply amazing

I've been double cleansing for years and thought I had tried everything. I received a sample of this with a beautylish order last month and wow, it really is different. It is more thin than the eve lom balm and takes all makeup off quicker with less rubbing and tugging of my eyelids. It rinses off clean without a residue as well. Really a superb product, I highly recommend trying if you are a fan of oil based cleansers.

Works ok

These are just weird, they work ok, not great. It takes a lot of work to get off gel liner products and mascara. Your face looks and feels horribly oily after and I found myself washing several times to get rid of it. I’ll stick to the bioderma which works better and is much less expensive.

Not long lasting

The colors for this palette are beautiful and they blend like a dream. I have been really disappointed in the longevity. I typically prime my eyes with MAC 24 hour eye primer followed with a paint pot. This keeps my shadow perfect for over 12 hours with no creasing at all. I look a mess with these shadows after about 6 hours for some reason. I have tried a variety of different bases with no improvement.

Not too drying

Overall I have really liked this more than anticipated. The color is opaque and only requires one thin coat. It lasts about 6 hours without a lip primer/liner, and longer with. I haven't had issues with bleeding at all.

Beautiful finish!

This is a lovely, intense highlight without glitter. Although the color is a bit dark for me, it still works great applied with a light hand.

Soft and blend like a dream

Where have these been all my life. These take your blending to a whole new level. The different sizes are key for creating smooth transitions.