Beauty Product Reviews


This is an extremely hydrating primer which works best for dry to very dry skin. It keeps my foundation looking healthy and naturally pretty.


I love all of Hourglass blushes but this one is my favourite. It may look bright in the pan but it really is not when applied. I apply it only on the apples of my cheeks and it gives a healthy looking flush of colour and a little bit of a natural looking glow too.

The best there is..

I can't count the number of foundations I have tried for my super dry skin, and I can't express how disappointed I was with the performance of most of them. This foundation, on the other hand, has quickly become my holy grail beauty item. It's fantastic. I makes my face look so healthy and it's not heavy on the skin. It quickly replaced my Nars Sheer Glow foundation!


I have a dry skin and this product did nothing for me. I am glad it's cheap so I didn't regret wasting my money on it!

It's ok.

It does the job that's expected from it, but don't expect to be blown away by the results!

I don't like it

I have a dry skin and thought I should give this product a try. It totally disappointed me as it sits on the skin, and made my face very oily and sticky yet NOT hydrated enough. On top of that, it has an awful smell that made me want to wash my face to get rid of. I really don't recommend.


I have a frizzy curly hair and this cream has really helped styling it. I used it right after taking a shower, and my hair looks shiny and healthy. Never been happier with a hair product like this one.