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Beauty Product Reviews


This was an amazing palette. Beautylish made it especially easy because they contacted me about it? this was far better than the mini-safari palette, which I also have. The mini was patchy, for some reason. The colors are beautiful, and I wore the aqua blue yesterday with a bit or orange and brown in the crease. Gorgeous.

Thanks Beautylish and Natasha Denona!

Smells wonderful!

This is a light fresh scent with a beautiful ribbon of a light rose scent. It is very light, so it won’t last all day, but it is wonderful.


I got a sample of this along with a previous order. I tried it and I was hooked. It really smoothed and prepped my skin for my multi-layered skincare regimen. I caved and purchased a full bottle! They say you should not wait more than 3 seconds after washing your face to put on your toner. But after a shower, there are so many things that need to be done for optimal moisturization- body lotion, hair towel, etc. This serum allows me to put it on right after the shower, and gives me just the few minutes I need to wrap my wet hair around a towel and apply body lotion. And, it really does make a difference in the efficacy of my toners, essences, and serums.

An eyebrow mascara that really defines your brows! It gives you that beauty guru Instagram brow- a look I had never thought I could achieve with my “I totally over plucked in the 1990’s” brows. Love!

NOTHING compares to this!

I have a million eyeliners. Nothing compares to this pen. Not Sisley, not Tarte, not even Marc Jacobs. This pen is the holy grail. And seemingly bottomless! It lasts and lasts and lasts! It seems steep in price, but even more expensive ones don’t last as long or perform as well. I have repurchased this at least 4 times, and stock up so I have at least one extra on hand so I never run out. Yes, I am a hoarder, but that’s a separate issue!

I love this! It provides a kiss of color, lots of shine, and a luxurious, softness to your lips! I am probably going to get one in every shade! I keep this in my purse and use it on makeup days, no makeup days, or if I just want a little moisture on my lips.


Just boring. Not as pigmented as Subculture, but also not as fun. Not up to ABH standards, in my opinion. It’s not bad, but not good. Used it once, and put it away. Probably won’t be reaching for it again. I will put it in my giveaway pile

Didn’t think I needed ANOTHER highlighter

But I really thought this was pretty. It was a bit less blinding than a Jeffree Star or Artist Couture highlighter, but more than just a subtle glow. Beautiful for a day time look. I use this mostly on more natural makeup days. Especially pretty as an inner corner eye highlight.

Loved this Palette

I love ABH palettes! The only one I didn’t like was the Prism. Loved Subculture. This one looked a little boring, but it is a wonderful everyday pretty palette. It applies smoothly, without much effort or fuss. Glad I purchased this after my disappointment with the Prism palette!


I have ALL the ND palettes, but thought this would be a stretch for me as the colors are a little on the wild side. I was wrong! It applied beautifully, and the shadows are different in texture than her others. The dark blue is a bit more suede-like in texture, and the transition shades blend out smoothly, just like a dream. What a fun palette to play with!

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