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Amrezy Highlighter

How To Use: Amrezy Highlighter


Sbfox C.
Beautiful beautiful highlight✨
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Love Jouer, Natasha Highlight and Becca. So beautiful gorgeous. Amrezy Highlight is most transparent among these highlight and be the shiniest one. My new favorite 💕 5 star of course 🤩✨

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Elizabeth  A.
Didn’t think I needed ANOTHER highlighter

But I really thought this was pretty. It was a bit less blinding than a Jeffree Star or Artist Couture highlighter, but more than just a subtle glow. Beautiful for a day time look. I use this mostly on more natural makeup days. Especially pretty as an inner corner eye highlight.

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Marcea B.
Perfect for my skin tone!
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I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull this shade off. But, to my surprise, it looks beautiful on my skin tone. I love how finely milled it is and it feels like silk! I would say I should get a back up but honestly this pan will last forever

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Marit C.
Subtle to stunning!
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Gorgeous highlighter and works on my fair skin, yay! Can be applied as a whisper or a shout. The design is beautiful as well.

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Vanessa R.
So pretty

It's not as blinding as I expected it to be but it's definitely buildable and has a wet look which is absolutely stunning! Also it doesn't bring out any texture on your face at all and it doesn't leave a cast on my face. (I am very pale)

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Kathleen  S.
Just perfect

So unlike any other ABH highlights (even though I love most too) It’s a completely new formula with the NICEST packaging I have seen from them yet! I was worried I would be way too fair skinned to be able to pull off this shade but Nope! It’s extremely buildable and I have my own tricks. If you are on the fence...get off it and hit “add to cart”, cuz this highlight is AMAZING! Definitely my new favorite. Obviously I highly recommend lol

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Eleanor C.
Gorgeous Highlighter

Love this Highlighter, looks blinding on. I love how it suits any skin tone which is hard to find. For me personally it’s the best Highlighter I’ve used. Definitely going to buy a few more. The colour is beautiful and the consistency is perfect.

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Nicole A.

This is GORGEOUS! It is sooo unique in how it performs and looks on the skin. First of all, the packaging is everything. So sleek and classy. Second, that ripple?!?! HOW? It really is appealing to look at. Third, there is literally NO fall out. You think that you are not picking up any product but then you apply and BAM...there it is. Lastly, it is so beautiful on the skin. It almost looks wet. I like to apply with a brush that is slightly denser as you get more of a wet look and it is really smooth - more smooth looking than most powder highlights I have tried. It's a shame that this was limited edition. Maybe ABH will decide to bring it back! One can only hope.

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Caroline R.

Such a nice highlighter! Looks good even on my very fair skin when applied with a light hand. Packaging is A+ and it works on so many different people!

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Vini J.
Beautiful Highlighter
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This highlighter has a unique formula, almost translated as wet when you apply to your skin. Blinding and super pigmented, will suit a lot of skin tone as well.

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