Beauty Product Reviews

Not the best for dry skin

Its very light in texture, sort of a gel/cream hybrid. Its glittery, when applied all over the face, not like an even glow. Amplifies any imperfections, lines, texture, dryness. Irritated my dry skin. Giving it two stars because I can at least use it in the high points of my face. Really wanted to like this.

On my second bottle

As others have said, it is very watery. It does have a smell. Sort of like spoiled milk. But its faint and dissipates immediately. I'm personally not bothered by that to be honest, but definitely something you should know when purchasing. I love patting this over my skin before my other moisturizers. I usually do 2 or 3 layers. What I especially love is that it immediately moisturizes my lips! I sometimes pay it under my lip balm, sometimes over. It's amazing! It makes my dry lips feel so much better pretty much right away. I'll keep a bottle of this with me as long as they continue to make it.