Beauty Product Reviews

My favourite colour

The first liquid lip I purchased from Jeffree and still my favourite colour. It’s the most gourgeous purple with a dark mauve brown undertone with the most gorgeous metallic shift it’s gorgeous.


The most gorgeous blue toned true red. Very similar to Mac Patrick woo and ruby woo. If you have any of those you don’t need this. But it’s so smooth and long lasting.


this is the most gourgeous deep red brown colour and I’m here for it. It applied smooth looks amazing and I just love how nice it is. Highly recommend.

Gritty and painful

This one is the WORST lip stick I’ve tried in my life. It’s very gritty and the glitters felt sharp on my lips because I have very thin skin on my lips. Thankfully no cuts but it hurt and it’s very sheer unless you build it up 4-5 times. I highly recommend AVOIDING at all costs.

Best Flavour green colour

Fun and fresh love that for me sister Jeffree done come through for us it’s orange it smells and tastes exactly like rainbow sherbet and I’m resisting the urge to eat the tub up.

This one stains for a while

Gorgeous colour swatches lighter than the colour in the bullet and leaves a bright pink stain for hours.

  • Red

Love this mirrror good quality and has a weight in it to make it feel comfortable while holding very unique get into it.

Best eyeshadow palette of all time

I can’t rave enough about this pallete. It’s weighted feels expensive looks expensive smells good and most importantly the shadows swatch and perform on the eye beautifully. First row is a good urban decay naked basics moment the last row is a great red/purple gradient moment...the middle colours were slightly random but tongue pop works as the most gorgeous blush on my skin tone. I just love this pallete probably the best eyeshadow pallete of all time.

The packaging is beyond disappointing

I expect better than dollar store packaging for such an expensive higher end product. Heck the dollar store probably has better packaging for its products than this disappointment.

The shades inside were good soft buttery feeling and a bit too pigmented if you ask me so use a light hand it’ll last you a very long time.

I would have liked an exchange but Beautylish was extremely unhelpful, saying they can’t do anything for a DEFECTIVE product they sold me since it was on Black Friday.

I want to warn future customers about this issue please think twice before buying this product. The packaging doesn’t correlate to how expensive the item is.

Best fan brush on the market absolutely Phenomenal brush!

It’s small enough for precise highlighter application and is not too wide so it brings the highlighter on the apple of the biggest peeve with the Wayne Goss fan brush was that it was too wide for my face and it splays however the Sonia fan brush does not splay. Its very effortless and blends the highlighter on the face seamlessly.It’s extremely soft and I LOVE the design! Also the small details are to die for like the Japan logo on the side , the trident logo at the bottom and the faded lacquering from red to black.

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