Beauty Product Reviews

Significant Volume

This definitely works to give volume. It's a little pricey but worth it. I love the elegant scent. Make sure to apply some conditioner at the hair end because it makes my hair a little dry.

Great for setting undereyes and baking

This brush is incredibly soft. It's perfect for applying powder to set the undereyes. It's also great for baking and blending highlight, blush, and contour altogether. Since it's super soft, it's not gonna give you strong color. I use it only for apply loose powder for setting purpose.


This is definitely my favorite brush! I use it every time when applying makeup. I use it for highlight, blush, and even contour. The brush is so soft. I have used it for half a year and it's still in great condition.

Amazing color

I know some reviews say the color does not match the picture. Personally, I am surprised by how special this color is. It's not like the picture or even color when viewing from the bottle. When I apply on my lips, it looks gorgeous. It's a rosy coral that fits both cool and warm undertones. It also has a little watermelon red in it. Not sure how to describe... but I really like it! Such a special color!

  • 505
Great replacement of KA

I used to be a KA fan. I love both products but I can confidently say that I love this Inglot 505 better! This is a lot more affordable than KA. I even like it better despite their prices! The shade is very natural and looks good on me. Comparing to KA medium, this is a little lighter and easier to use. KA has just a little bit red compare to this, which could make my face look dirty if I use too much. With Inglot 505, I can blend without a problem. You can kind of tell from my photo that KA is more red than Inglot.