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Hui987410520 H.

Awful colour. Can’t understand why the tone can be purple for a shading product. Also, the powder are not pressed well.

Kayla E.
I Hope You Carry 504 Again!

Please start carrying shade 504 again! <3 This is the ultimate sculpting powder; it has the perfect amount of pigment and blend-ability, and the finish is absolutely perfect for mimicking shadows. I find that it looks great in every lighting. I discovered it after my beloved NYX Taupe Powder Blush (which I used for contouring) was discontinued. Inglot Sculpting Powder 504 is a pale girl's best friend. (I have a neutral skin tone, but I think it is versatile enough to work for many skin tones, because shadows are supposed to be cool and grayish anyway).

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Libby T.
Very misleading photos

Wow the shade in the photo is so not what I got. The shade I got is SO fair it doesn’t show up at all on me and I’m pale! The actual product itself isn’t bad I just can’t use it and feel like it should be more appropriately photographed!

Amy S.
Perfect for contour

I like it as it's not overly pigmented. Fine powder and it comes sheer but easily built up as desired. People often compared this with Kevyn aucoin sculpting powder in medium, I don't see myself purchasing a contour shade that expensive. I would only spend on complexion or highlight products for makeup.

希望 熊.

The shade is similar to the KA sculpting powder medium. It is easy to blend and works very well on my face. I really like to use it for my contouring. Inglot is very affordable.

Tung Tung O.
Great replacement of KA
Photo of product included with review by Tung Tung O.

I used to be a KA fan. I love both products but I can confidently say that I love this Inglot 505 better! This is a lot more affordable than KA. I even like it better despite their prices! The shade is very natural and looks good on me. Comparing to KA medium, this is a little lighter and easier to use. KA has just a little bit red compare to this, which could make my face look dirty if I use too much. With Inglot 505, I can blend without a problem. You can kind of tell from my photo that KA is more red than Inglot.

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Nayudell L.
Perfect and buildable
Photo of product included with review by Nayudell L.

I bought it cause I saw Stephanie Nicole (Youtube) recommending it, so I gave it a shot. 504 is the perfect shade for me to contour, in the past I had some contour kits, however, they were so warm, or, they only bring one shade to really contour and the rest is all like for more deeper skin and I looked blotchy and I ran out of it so quick. This is super blendable, cool tone and buildable. It´s fairly priced and comes with a good amount of product. I have repurchased several times, so when it's over, I just have to purchase the contour and not an entire kit (which ends up being used as eyeshadow, such a waste). I do first go in with the 504 shade and then bronze a bit with a warm tone bronzer, so it looks more blended and "natural". Love it and will keep purchasing.

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Julie J.
Misleading Swatches + No Shade for Medium Skin
Photo of product included with review by Julie J.

The swatches are misleading. According to them 508 should be my shade, but it's actually too light! 508 becomes as dark as the swatch after 4 layers of digging my finger into the powder.

With 1 to 2 coats, it's muddy on my face.

I'm not sure 509 will work for medium/tan skin. It appear dark, but I've already learned not to trust the swatches. If you have medium/tan skin and insist on purchasing, I would go with 509 or higher.

PHOTO- The swatches were done with my fingers. left (one layer), right (multiple layers)

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Candice P.
Love it
Photo of product included with review by Candice P.

Shade 504 and 505. I love these 2 colors pigmented but to much where you can go over board easily. Blends out nicely and has alot of options.

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Rachel B.
Great for Contour

I have been hunting for a good contour powder that wasn't too warm, and wasn't too cool, and I have found it! This sculpting powder is very easy to blend, build, and it has the perfect undertone for my skin. It's fairly neutral, leaning a little bit to the warm side, and it looks fabulous on. If the Benefit Hoola powder is too orange on you, this is the color you need to contour with. If most powders or cream contours are too cool or too warm, this is the perfect neutral.

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