Beauty Product Reviews

Just what I needed

so for the longest time i've been using cleansers that literally strip my skin and leave it feeling so dry and tight. i knew i needed a change because that isn't good for my skin. i have oily skin and i know that with a well hydrated balance to my skin it is always less oily. i wanted to try this cleanser out because it retains moisture and also removies impurities. i find that to be true. though i've only used this for about a week, it's my perfect night time and morning time cleanser. it removes eye makeup too which is a huge plus. it's never burned my eyes. i really enjoy this cleanser so far and i highly recommend it.

So Far.....

i JUST bought this & started trying it, so far i have used it twice just so i don't over do it, and i'm this short time, it has smoothed my skin and made it feel firmer. it has made my skin dry but with oils and moisturizers i have it under control. my skin around my jaw line near my earlobes was peeling the most of any other part of my face for some reason. i have an issue with whiteheads that i have no idea why i get (not regular acne or breakouts, just plain whiteheads) and since using the retinol, i haven't had any. which i haven't had happen to me at all. i usually always have at least two pop up night and day. it made my face very sore and hurt to put any product (skin care or makeup) on my skin but after the third day it was completely calmed- pain wise. as stated above, my skin is really firm right now and it's been a couple days. my makeup is sitting on top of my skin nicely though, it looks smoother than it ever has. i'm pleasantly pleased as of right now, but because i haven't used it for long, i can't give it over 3 stars. i need more time!