The Ordinary.

Retinol 1%


Erica W.

This product was amazing, especially when you consider the price. I used it for about 2 months, and even when cutting back to once or twice a week my skin still peeled every time I used it. I had gotten results and I figured this might be too much for my still youngish skin (31) so I gave the rest to my mom and told her it had given me bad side effects but it worked. She called to complain that it made everything she put on her skin burn and her face was very dry and itchy. I told her that I told her it would happen. But a week later she told me that the 3 small raised moles she had on her forehead FELL OFF! she said they had been bothering her for years and had been wanting to get to a dermatologist to have them removed but was afraid the scar might be worse. She was so excited. I told her I would get her another bottle if she wanted and she said no I'm sure it was very expensive. When I told her it was $6 she said Bull %$#@

Rama G.
giving up

I tried several times over so that I can "acclimate" -- each time it was worse on my skin, dry, burning, wrinkled...this type of retinol is not for me.

Barbi S.
Worth giving it a try

I purchased this product and others by the brand about 2.5 months ago. I was new to retinol products so my skin did peel at first, but underneath appealed beautiful fresh shin and a natural glow. I now use this product about 3-4 days per week. I have noticed far less breakouts by 90% and my skin is firmer and pores so much smaller. Texture of my skin has improved as well. It hasn't treated the actual hyperpigmentation quite yet but that can take several months of long-term use. Overall I'm very pleased with the results for the price and will definitely purchase again. I have rosacea, sensitive, acne probed skin and aside from initial peeling my skin has tolerated this well. Start slow. One-two times week and then build up to every other day and eventually nightly. I'm excited to see my results in another 60-90 days. I'll post a updated review then with pictures. I'm 42 with problematic skin but loving the results it's shown so far!

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Steven G.
Awesome retinol for the price!

I have sensitive acne-prone skin. I was a little apprehensive to use this retinal because of some of the negative reviews. However I'm glad I tried it because it works amazing, I didn't have any sensitivity, redness or peeling that some people may have experienced. I did use only a pea-sized amount over my entire face. I noticed almost immediate results the next morning, as Skin texture was greatly reduced and my pores seemed more refined.

Audrey Z.
Not for a first time Retinol user.

This product works but is not for someone new to skin care. I've been using retinols for over a year and this one irritated my skin were others had not. I will continue to use it but I will be pulsing with the less irritating Retinol 2% from The Ordinary.

Daniela T.
Great for the price

Great product for the price the o my thing I don't love is the silicone-y texture. But it does work just as well as higher end, pricier products I have.

H H.
Won't buy any other

Formula/Packaging: This is not formulated with a majority of water and comes in a tube of sorts rather than a jar--these factors ensure the retinol stays effective. Peeling: My skin was already used to retinol, therefore there was only a little bit of peeling after the first week. The peeling went away after I mixed it with argon oil (this cream mixes easily with other products as well). Aging: As for wrinkles, science shows you won't see any difference in wrinkles until about 10 months or so. Because of this, you can basically ignore any nay-sayers who have only had it a few weeks/months. Acne: My skin started to smoothen after the first week. The acne took about a month before it went away completely. Sensitivity: Your skin will be more sensitive to sun--that is a side effect of almost any skin-rejuvenating product--so take care to wear sun production. If you are worried about an adverse reaction, you might start with a product that simply advertises it has retinol rather than its actual amount. I lathered on Neutrogena's Night Cream when I was a teen and my face swelled up so much the kids laughed at me in the ER. That cream had a *tiny* amount of retinol and now I'm using 1%. It takes time for your skin to get used to.

Elly K.
Not Worth The Pain

I used this product a single time. Applied as directed, and within two days my face was burning and peeling. It was extremely painful - could barely wash with mild soap, lotion burned, my cheeks were completely raw. I used oil over the retinol 1%, kept my skin moisturized, stayed out of the sun, was gentle with washing, etc., but this was too aggressive for me.

I anticipated the peeling, but the burning and discomfort was way too much. Won't likely use the 1% again.

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Ashley G.

I've been using this product for about two weeks now. I use it every other day because I know it's a very strong product but aside from some initial dryness I've had great results! I definitely would recommend this product to anybody looking to clear blemishes and reduce pore size.

Marge B.
WOW! Better Than Retin-A!

I have tried using prescription Retin-A, all the way up to the 0.1% strength over the years and saw no results. One week of using The Ordinary 1% Retinol and I am seeing slight peeling that reveals fresh new skin. I would recommend it to anyone that has grown disillusioned with the results and price of the prescription alternative.

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