Libby T.

Location: London

"I'm feelin' sexy and free, like glitter's rainin' on me..."

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About Me

I'm a 16 year old fashion/make up lover (yes, it sounds cliché, I know) and I love brands like Urban Decay, Mac, and Yves Saint Laurent. I swear by my Urban Decay Primer Potion, and I always think a coloured lip is gorgeous! I'm a smokey-eye-with-defined-liquid-line person, and false lashes are only for my going-out-nights, but I do think they look amazing (since I don't really have eyelashes myself...). Hopefully you'll like my make up looks - I haven't really followed any tutorials - most are my own creations, in probably weird a weird order of steps, but they seem to work! Anyway, hope you enjoy my profile! Follow, and I'll most probably follow back :) ∆ libby ∆

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Hair Color: Black
Birthday: May 14
Age: 28