Beauty Product Reviews

Love at first smell!

I used to own one perfume- Jo Malone Mimosa and Cardamom, and a few body sprays. But I just added Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone, to my extremely small but loved 'collection '.

Wild Bluebell is a floral scent with a lovely warm undertone. I smell jasmine immediately, followed by white musk. From there everything is a blend of warm florals and a warm 'oil' feel and smell, if that makes ANY sense! The blend of florals is perfection! I am not a perfume connoisseur, for sure. ...I don't get any spicy notes in with this scent.

Like my other favorite J.M. fragrance, Wild Bluebell last for HOURS and layers beautifully with my favorite coconut milk body spray or layered over Mimosa and Cardamom. I am thrilled to find another perfume to wear and love. It is battle finding scents that don't make me ill. It seems J.M. Perfumes are the ones for me.

If you are not a fan of silicone primers - try this!

The first time I used this I could not believe how baby soft my skin felt.

This gives my skin a beautiful soft focus effect after applying- 'soft focus and healthy'. Perfect for no makeup days. It is the consistency of a light day moisturizer. It sinks into the skin and dries very fast!! It is not sticky!! -and does not leave a residue on my hands!

I always use a primer before foundation, and I have used this with MAC face and body and Laura Mercier Tinted moisturizer so far, with great results. I don't wear full coverage foundation, so I can't attest to that. And I have worn alone, no foundation, and loved it!

I purchased a full size after receiving a sample with a Beautylish order. Sending samples work (; I gave it four stars because it does have a perfume scent. It is not a natural, spa scent, but a definite perfume smell. I have no idea where it falls on the ingredients list, but you definitely need to know this. If you are sensitive to smells, I would get a sample. I am personally very sensitive to scents, and this doesn't make me ill, but it is perfumed.

Ugh, love hate thing!!!

I love this, but I hate that it lasts about one month!!!!!!

I wrote a review earlier raving about this, because it is phenomenal. It is so easy to work with, the colors stay put, I love the brown as well as the black- BUT...that review was written about a week after I started using it, before I found out how LITTLE amount of product you get and I can't see spending this amount of money for an eyeshadow pencil that last me a month- maybe 20 applications.

I don't mind paying for great products, but when I feel that I am being ripped off, I won't do it. I would give it a score of one-haha!! But the pencil IS fabulous.

If you don't mind replacing your eye pencil 12 times a year- this is a great one! BTW... I only line my upper water line! I found a Maybelline pencil that is the same diameter as this Hourglass. I use it but it doesn't perform like the Hourglass.

Oh wow.... softest brush- ever.

It is. The softest brush- ever. And it picks up eyeshadow! I use this specifically for my lower lash line. It picks up matte and shimmer shadows equally well. What if doesn't do is tug on my skin, and at 50 years old, the less tugging the better!! The brush and handle are about 5" , so pretty small. The way the bristles are cut are interesting. The taper starts 1\3 way up the brush coming to a point. It is made impeccably as all my other Chikuhodo brushes.

If you need a gift for a friend who loves make-up, buy them this. They will Thank you every time they use it. If you need the softest lower lash line powder brush- BUY THIS! Yes you have brushes that can do what this does but, It is a gem and very unique, and SOFT ;)

My FAVORITE scent.

Do not judge this perfume after the first spray. Wait until it dries down- maybe 45 minutes to two hours- to appreciate the true scent.

Jo Malone describes this cologne as a 'spicy splendor', and while the initial spray gives a warm spicy (that is where I smell the cardamom initially) scent, the spiciness dries down and you are left with a warm, deep, creamy milk, perfectly balanced hint of spice fragrance. There is a floral smell but it is not cloying sweet, it is warm sweet.

One word I would give this cologne is- warm! After taking a hot shower with your favorite milky soap, and you feel clean and fresh and 'warm'... that is this cologne to me. I have read many reviews where people have said they put this on before bed, and so do I because of that warm scent, AND because it smells SO GOOD after 8 hours!

I am hyper aware of wearing perfume around people. Some people, like me, cannot handle strong perfumes, or certain smells. With this I have no problem wearing in a group setting or having my two grandbabies cuddle really close to me for fear they or others might feel sick from the smell. There is no heavy, rich, sweet, candy, cloying 'sweaty ' smell!

Lastly, this pairs well with other scents. I have combined with a coconut and milk scent and the two paired are amazing!! I absolutely love this fragrance.

Beautiful finish.

This is now my favorite buffing powder. It leaves no glitter or sparkles on the skin, just a beautiful, healthy finish. After applying all my face makeup- but before I use Skindinavia spray- I take my large powder brush, dip into the powder compact then using SOFT LIGHT circular motions, I move the powder all over my cheeks, chin, neck and forehead. This powder!!! My makeup looks blended, not one product, blush, bronzer or foundation stands out, everything looks soft -,ethereal. The color is a light skin tone- but it does not darken my skin. The texture is soft and silky. However it is not one of those powders that is SO lightweight that it flies everywhere, getting into my lungs making me cough! I have many finishing powders that I like, but I think after a week of using everyday, that this will become my holy grail powder.


I LOVE bronzers! They are my thing and one is never enough, or two of three. Even though I love bronzers, I am picky. I don't like shimmer or glitter on my skin- I prefer a matte formula. I also like a light\medium tone with no red or orange.

The bronzers I own are Stila, Tom Ford (my least fave!), Chanel Soleil...,Cover FX, Charlotte Tilbury,IT and a Bare Minerals. I have heard people rave about Hourglass bronzers but I was too afraid they would be have a lot of shimmer. I should have purchased sooner!!

If you are like me and are worried about too much shimmer, don't be. This bronzer is STUNNING. It does have a sheen or a glow, but I detect no shimmer. I like to wear this over my Chanel Soleil cream bronzer. The two are a perfect match. I have worn alone as well.

Believe the hype- it is real!

***One caveat: I wish that I would have purchased this in store BECAUSE I received a bronzer with lots of the light co!or and not enough brown. I would like to have chosen the one I purchased. I love Beauty!ish, and almost all my bronzer purchases are from them, but this is something I recommend buying in person, if possible. I only use half the pan which is a bummer.

Perfect for my 50'ish under eye! Apply with a light hand!

I gave up on concealers. I did. Until this!

As our skin changes with age, we have to be very careful how we apply our makeup and most important, we have to make sure the formula works for our skin issues. My issues are very dry skin, fine lines and loss of skin elasticity. I do not have dark circles or discoloration.

I have been wearing this concealer for over a week. I have worn it alone and over foundation. I do not like high coverage products, and this is high coverage BUT with an amazing finish that looks like skin, not makeup. I apply a very small amount as this is very thick, almost as thick as IT COSMETICS, but that is the only similarity. I apply, then sheer out with a medium dense brush followed with a beauty blender. I only apply one area at a time. What is different about this concealer than every other concealer is the way it dries down. It feels like satin! My eyes are smooth, it does not crease and no powder is needed. I am a NC 20 in MAC for reference, and I wear EC 02 light. I recommend this for any person who has dry under eyes, if you don't want to use powder to set your concealer, or for someone who wants to cover dark circles of redness. It is a full coverage concealer that does not feel of look heavy. I am very happy!