Kevyn Aucoin

The Etherealist Super Natural Concealer


Jenny L.
Wears well on mature skin
Photo of product included with review by Jenny L.

I'm 42 and have crepey undereyes, this doesn't emphasize that. It wears well for 12 hours. Shade 02 has a peachy tone to it that helps it work as a corrector and concealer. Be aware this is the lightest shade and it is not going to work if you are very fair. I wear KA Etheralist foundation in EF04 and this is deeper than that. I'm attaching a photo with the EC02 concealer 9n the left and foundation shade 4 on the right.

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Souhaila E.
My Absolute Must Have Essential!
Photo of product included with review by Souhaila E.

I just realized that I never reviewed this amazing concealer. The name truly says it all-it gives you a gorgeous, ethereal 'supernatural' effect. What I mean by that is that the texture is absolutely gorgeous. True to the Kevyn Aucoin Legacy, the quality is just so superb. It applies and blends like an absolute dream. It leaves my undereye looking bright, fresh, and beautiful. The texture is light, smooth, and just dreamy. It's so wonderful not to have to worry about creasing, caking and the rest of the problems that you can come across concealing under the eyes, but it also perfects in addition to concealing and correcting. I use it with one of my other Kevyn Aucoin essentials : The Sensual Skin Primer(see my review) You can use that product with any foundation (of course with the Sensual Skin Enhancer) as a Primer and to mix in WITH YOUR foundation. I wanted to mention it because I love to apply it to the undereye PRIOR to applying the Etherealist Supernatural Concealer. The effect is outstanding. It takes the guesswork out of can apply directly to the skin with the flocked applicator that is just perfect-if I'm in a hurry and skipping foundation I will just use it after the aforementioned Primer and blend with my ring finger. If I'm using foundation I will apply my foundation with the Wayne Goss #1 Brush(from the Anniversary II set!) and I will use that brush to blend it out. Hint: applying it up in the inner corner of the eye will really brighten. That's my last step in my makeup application. I always apply my shadow first. I will take a bit with the Goss #1 brush in any areas I need a little bit more coverage. I am 36 and have pretty young looking skin and I don't have a lot of creasing/fine lines in the undereye but any that I do are completely smoothed. Enjoy! Note: Wayne Goss has a great tutorial using this concealer and a few other of his favorites with the Sensual Skin Primer

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Stephanie M.
Very good under eye concealer if you normally have patchiness, dryness, lines. Worth the $ if you can afford to find the correct shade by re-purchasing or buying more than one shade if your not sure what color to get

My skin: combination (oily T), hormonal acne, dryish under eye area (but I only think that because of previous experiences trying to use concealer. I am also a very obvious warm undertone (yellow) but extremely pale. Ethnicity: Mexican/Native American/Middle Eastern. 30 yo, starting to see some fine lines. Sensitive skin, acne prone.

This concealer is great for newbies who don't wear enough makeup to know what they are doing. I found other creamy concealers not to give me enough coverage, and concealers with enough coverage to even out the under eye color to cling to my dry spots, look patchy or settle into a deep line/crease I have under my right eye.

This concealer does not get patchy, cling, or settle in that lined area of my eye and make me look older than I am. Easy to build. I found it looked smoother with a little powder to set it. Any powder is fine. Doesn't need to be some special baking, or loose powder, I used my normal compact. Powder did not make it look cakey, or dry. Lasted all day in very humid Hawaii weather. ( I live in HI and most makeup does not last or stay). No irritation on my sensitive under eye skin.

The only problem. Its very hard to color match online. I am very pale, but also very warm toned. (most light concealers/foundations look horrible on me because the are often for people with a pink, or neutral undertone. not warm/yellow). I went EC01 because I am so pale. It was definitely not too pink, perfect for my undertone, however it was far too light, think fell asleep in the sun with sunglasses pale around the eyes. I might try one of the mediums next.

But this first shade was already a splurge so I'm scared to try again. Not only did I get the wrong shade, but I also accidentally ordered two without realizing it which isn't the brands fault. If you can afford to buy more than one shade to find out the correct match, this is worth the money. I only wish there was a way to pre-purchase the concealer and have them send you a few samples in your range to test before committing to the full bottle of the shade.

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Mayuri H.
Know your own skin and this concealer will make you look flawless!

I have pretty severe hyper pigmentation dark spots on my face with prominent ones on my cheeks and dark reddish under eye from lack of rest. This concealer will cover them up flawlessly with caveat. On days when my skin feels tad oily, I have to use lighter moisturizer and no primer (I use Mac Prime+Fix spray primer). The concealer will start to crease and form oily streak whenever I use my primer underneath.

Inversely, on days when my skin feels dehydrated, I have to use richer moisturizer and primer spray or else the concealer will pill and make the areas that I applied them to have noticeable mask effect. For me, once I master in understanding the level of oily/dehydrated of my skin that day before I apply makeup and moisturize-primed accordingly, this concealer will do wonders and make my face look flawless.

Another caveat is that I find this concealer works better with non-matte formula foundation because while trying concealer-foundation combos, I use my matte finish foundations and the areas where I apply this foundation turned orange after ~2 hour-ish - not pretty. Ever since I got this concealer, I have been using dewy finish foundation underneath and my makeup looks natural like second skin.

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Monica L.

The coverage is full with being weighty or thick and it blends like a dream with minimal effort. My new favorite concealer

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Jenni L.

I’m a huge fan of the Etherealist foundation so I was curious about the concealer. It is perfect under my eyes. Thin but not watery. It’s not matte which I appreciate because I want light under my eyes (I’m 42) It looks very natural yet makes my under eye look almost airbrushed. I was using Nars Radiant Creamy and I prefer this by a mile. It doesn’t crease or pill up- I do set it lightly with Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush or Viseart Seamless. Very pleased with this.

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Monica O. Team
Dark Circles... Not here!

This concealer has definitely become my all time favorite ever since the first time I used it.

I had never really used the Kevyn Aucoin line until this concealer was gifted to me about a year ago, and now I just can't get enough! It has a creamy, thin consistency that delivers medium to full coverage in one swipe.

This concealer has definitely taken the place of my Tarte Shape Tape, as Shape Tape tends to dry out my under eyes quite a bit. The only downside to this concealer is that it does oxidize a little bit and dries quickly, so be sure to purchase a lighter shade and work fast when you are applying.

I am in my late 30s and have a small amount of fine lines around my under eye area. This concealer doesn't crease on me at all throughout the entire day and covers up my dark circles beautifully.

I apply a small amount to the darkest parts of my under eyes and blend it out with a damp mini beauty blender, which I absolutely love using to blend out my concealer. I then set it with my Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder and I'm ready to go.

It is so effortless and the end results are amazing! You have got to try it ;-)

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Diane C.

I love Kevyn Aucoin products, but I felt this concealer was a bit to thick, and unblendable. Not what I expected from the description.

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Lisa S.
Perfect for my 50'ish under eye! Apply with a light hand!

I gave up on concealers. I did. Until this!

As our skin changes with age, we have to be very careful how we apply our makeup and most important, we have to make sure the formula works for our skin issues. My issues are very dry skin, fine lines and loss of skin elasticity. I do not have dark circles or discoloration.

I have been wearing this concealer for over a week. I have worn it alone and over foundation. I do not like high coverage products, and this is high coverage BUT with an amazing finish that looks like skin, not makeup. I apply a very small amount as this is very thick, almost as thick as IT COSMETICS, but that is the only similarity. I apply, then sheer out with a medium dense brush followed with a beauty blender. I only apply one area at a time. What is different about this concealer than every other concealer is the way it dries down. It feels like satin! My eyes are smooth, it does not crease and no powder is needed. I am a NC 20 in MAC for reference, and I wear EC 02 light. I recommend this for any person who has dry under eyes, if you don't want to use powder to set your concealer, or for someone who wants to cover dark circles of redness. It is a full coverage concealer that does not feel of look heavy. I am very happy!

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Supersonic Concealer w/Hyaluronic Acid & Jojoba Extract & Brightening Pearls
Photo of product included with review by MDC M.

This concealer is "THE" best concealer in my collection of many brands. I have Nars, Tarte Shape Tape, (which is ok but w/a thick consistency, Tarte Rain Forest-dries my skin out, (Benefit -many of their formulas, none quite right), Clinique-streaky & IT brand which is decent but can crease and the list goes on. The moment I tried KA's Concealer on my skin I noticed how creamy it felt. It's most likely the fact that it contains Hyaluronic Acid (H20 Loving), Jojoba Extract & brightening pearls. I dabbed some on the back of my hand and used a pinpoint makeup brush to test the coverage on my face. One DOT covered a spot of hyper-pigmentation & set perfectly. I tested it again between my brows and defined the tops of my brows noticing again how just a little of this pigmented concealer goes a long way while blending beautifully.

Yes, the price point is a tad high, but the amt needed is minimal & it's awesome, which makes this product worth it to me. It isn't going to lay in a drawer next to the multiple tubes of dusty unused concealers.

FYI: Because of how the fall weather dries my skin out, I decided to experiment & mixed a tiny amt of Nivea "Cream" & KA"S concealer. It whipped together with no problems including no pigment changes. I applied this to my under-eyes, with just a super light touch of Ben Nye Rose Petal Powder and it lasted the night with just one touchup. I tried it a second time with no powder and The Urban Decay "All Nighter" setting spray. Homerun!! A seamless coverage That Lasted! This is now My #1 "Go To" concealer.

I Highly recommend this product to anyone who finds that their concealer leaves their skin dry, tight or creases easily. I was hoping for this positive outcome since I use Kevyn Aucoin's Etherealist Skin Illuminating Foundation which is just as incredibly wonderful.

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