Beauty Product Reviews

Soft yes but too big for my cheecks

Bought it for highlighter and blush as a splurge (after all fan brush?). This brush is soft but too big for my cheeks (or the areas I'd like to cover with highlighter/blush). This was the first time I tried a fan brush and I guess I did not become a fan (no pun intended). Will stick to powder brushes for highlighter/blush.

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Stays long and nicely

I only gave 4 stars because the color was too black and matte to my liking. Eyeliner is extremely easy to apply with defined brushes and long-lasting.

Irritated my eyes badly

Used several times but it irritated my eyes so bad! Not sure if it does anything just had to stop.

Caused mild breakouts

Disappointed as my skin was stable and (almost) glowing before using the product. I used it twice a day after lotion (SKII EFT) for about 5 days and finally stopped. It made my skin very dull and caky for make-ups and caused some breakouts on forehead and chin.