The Ordinary.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%


Andreea S.
changed my skin type!

i used this niacinamide for a month and my skin changed from oily to normal!! it has helped so much with my breakouts! i am so impressed, definitely repurchasing

Emma W.
Good absorption

To be honest,first Niacinamide is quite useful,it makes my skin white in good condition but not permanent,I think intermittent use better.Besides it helps decrease acne by curbing oil.

Emma W.
Good absorption

To be honest,first Niacinamide is quite useful,it makes my skin white in good condition but not permanent,I think intermittent use better.Besides it helps decrease acne by curbing oil.

Jasmine P.
I use this in my daily routine!

This is great for improving the overall look of my skin. My pores are starting to look smaller, past acne marks are fading. The only downside of this is that it is too sticky for me to use in the am. I feel like my makeup just stuck to it. So I just use in the PM now.

Cora Z.

I love this brand and all their products, I dont know why you stop restocking them tho. It helps me to smooth my skin. Its a bit sticky but the effect is amazing. Love it.

N J.
Proof is in the pics
Photo of product included with review by N J.

I heard about this product from Wayne Goss. I can't say that I've tried everything or even the most expensive things, but I believe what Wayne puts out there. First off I have freckles and hyperpigmentation. I also spent time tanning this summer and time outside with my dogs. I really didn't like the dark "stain" on the sides of my face and my forehead. I started using this, along with Ordinary's "Buffet" and their Peeling Solution, in the beginning of September. I took the before pics September 9th and the after pics on October 20th. You can see where the hyperpigmentation has faded in some spots and completely gone in others. I'm 43 years old and to see this type of change is proof that this stuff is the real deal!

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Amy L.

个人觉得很好用,用这个牌子的护肤品大概一年了吧 这个烟酰胺我是配合维甲酸一起使用的,效果很棒 皮肤好了很多,也没有出现过刺激性 突然在贴吧里看到TO这个牌子可能要倒闭,突然有点伤心 希望TO能挺过难关,加油哦

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Beverley Renea H.
So far, so good...

I am very pleased by this product. After a week, my complexion looks clearer and feels smoother.

Vicky A.

我希望我用中文来评论,可以让更多华人了解这个产品。我用了这个产品两周了,基本是用于晚间护理,因为看到过相关评论说会涂抹后脸上容易搓泥。我开始因为价格如此吸引人,只是抱着试试看的心态,因为用过很多产品都没有对我这个即油皮又敏感的皮肤有过很好的效果,42 岁的我至今还会经常发痘,虽然皮肤底子还很细致,总是不够完美。可是用了这套产品两周后皮肤有了相当明显的改善,不起痘了,痘印浅了,肤色也白了一个度。本以为会不太适合亚洲人的皮肤,怕都是酸太刺激,但是现在我强烈推荐!

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Stephanie M.
Worth the money! Hormonal or Cystic Acne must. Not drying. If you are on the fence, or don't know what product to buy because the ordinary has so many products. This is the one product you need!

I have tried to clear my skin with tea tree, salicylic acid, bezol peroxide, birth control, curoloy, proacitive, murad, regular facials, blue light wand, dairy elimation from diet, allergy test to remove sensitives from diet, everything over the counter you can name. Clay masks, natural remedies, etc. Sensitive, acne prone skin from puberty to now at 30 years old. This is the only product that has worked for all of my acne. body acne, face, hormonal, white heads, red dots that do not have any pus. Everything. Does not dry or tighten skin. doesn't tingle or burn. ACTUALLY works.

I ordered a few different products from the line for different skin concerns such as aging and hormonal cystic acne. If you only have the money to make one change in your skin care routine. Or if you are a very low maintenance woman....or maybe you're somewhat lazy about skincare but realize you need to do something.

Just buy this one product. White heads came out for me three days in. I thought it was painful and was worried my very sensitive skin was reacting and breaking out because of this product but I stuck it out. My face is claer of all the huge (deep) cystic acne, small red bumps, and white heads. You can add other things if you want. But this is the active product that Will do something about getting any new acne.

No it didn't fix my deep scars, redness around the nostrils, or little damage from years of acne. But I have not been getting any more cysts. I did get a very small whitehead b/w upper lip and nose area right before my period. But it clearing in ONE day. I usually break out all over my chin under the lip, across the jaw, my neck, horrible. Not anymore. I'll work on the scars later. But this product, no new acne. How is this even possible?

It works so well I started using it on my back and butt because I have embarrassing horrible acne covering my entire back and booty so I can't wear a bathing suit or anything that shows my skin. I've been using it for three weeks now. My back acne is 2/3 gone. I did not have to change my diet, soap etc. I literally do nothing special on my back other than this serum when I get out of the shower. Its not working as fast as my face but its a different kind of acne and it is WORKING.

I'm going to keep ordering this serum, cuz it works! The only thing I'm going to add is merderma for the scars now. Note: My skin is not dry AT all using this twice a day. and my skin is normally very sensitive, and very reactive to most products. I am literally throwing away my old skin care products. Don't even need to spot treat anymore.

If you're on the fence, Just buy this one product. Even if it doesn't work for you, its affordable enough to take the chance.

(I wasn't paid for this nor sent free by the way, I just can't believe how well this is going. The only people who can understand it are people with skin this bad. I don't trust people who try to give me "advice when they see how bad my skin is" because people with ok-ish skin have good results with a lot of products. I wrote this review in case you're like me, tired of trying new products, but hate your skin. It's not a confidence thing, its a my skin hurts because my acne is so bad thing). Good luck

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