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I recently hauled a bunch of Coastal Scents products and this is my favorite one. My first time ordering with Coastal Scents went pretty smoothly. My package came in a reasonable time and neatly packaged. I LOVE THIS CONCEALER PALETTE SO MUCH. The price is wonderful, you get 10 concealers for only $16.95. Coastal Scents is always having great sales meaning you could get this palette for even less− which is what I did. I planned to use these on others since I work with so many different skin tones. I’ve been using them on myself, instead. I hit pan on one pan of concealer already and I’ve made a dent in others. This palette comes with 10 different shades, the colors can be mixed and matched to get the perfect color match. It has something for everyone. There are six light shades and four colors that suit darker skin. Not only is this concealer good for concealing blemishes and under eye circles, it’s perfect to highlight and contour with. In my opinion, this is way too thick to serve as a foundation. I have dry skin, and I prefer liquid foundations− creams and powder dry me out and cling to my dry patches. The lighter colors in this palette work really well as an eyeshadow base. When I use these as a base, my eyeshadow doesn’t fade or crease as quickly. Normally, I don’t use concealers to prime my lids, because I don’t want my eyeshadow to slide around. With this palette, I’m determined to get the most use out of every pan of eyeshadow. My skin is very sensitive and I haven’t had a negative reaction to any of the ingredients. These concealers are super lightweight on the skin. My first impression of these concealers wasn’t the greatest. They aren’t as creamy as I’d like, to be honest, they’re kind of dry. I NEVER USE A BRUSH, I use my fingers to warm up the product to help the concealer blend/melt into the skin. Just one layer provides light to medium coverage, more than two layers causes it to cake. I don’t like to use powders that will add any more coverage because this concealer can get pretty cake-y on its own. I like to use Laura Mercier invisible loose setting powder in the shade universal (colorless) to set the areas where I applied product. Some people may say “concealer palettes are unnecessary”, “how many concealers do you really need?”, and “you’re not going to use every single one”. Honestly, I don’t find it necessary to be a MUA to benefit from this palette−ESPECIALLY FOR THE PRICE.

Don't believe the hype!

The cute, unique packaging is what caught my attention. It smells reallllly good. Its not long lasting though, you have to reapply every 10-15 minutes. It does nothing for dry lips. I don't like this chapstick!

I had low expectations for this eyeliner, but the pigmentation & lasting power instantly changed my opinion.

The versatility of this pencil is what makes it so special. My skin is medium to dark, so if I want to go for a more "natural look" this is my go-to eyeliner.

Extremely smooth when applying, it doesn't drag along your lower lash line when applying, or leave little chunks behind (maybe that only happens to me, I don't know.)

PERFECT color for filling in eyebrows, less harsh than a black pencil.

I can't say this is my "HG" product. I like bold look of liquid/gel eyeliner best. But, I can say this is perfect if you're either fair in skin tone, or going for a more "natural look" and don't want the harshness of a black eyeliner.

Original Price: $34.95 Sale Price: $16.95

What do I like about the palette? YOU GET 120 COLORS FOR THE LOW LOW. The price can’t be beat. Instead of buying one Mac eyeshadow for $15 I bought this. Very inexpensive. If you don’t have this palette go out and buy it, you won’t regret it.

You can achieve any look with this. There are matte eyeshadows, there are shimmery eyeshadows. There are neutral colors, there are bright colors.

What don’t I like about the palette? If you don’t believe in wearing a primer with eyeshadows (which you always should, for stay-power and .) then this palette isnt for you. The colors are bland without a primer and/or eyeshadow base color.

CERTAIN eye shadows can be very chalky, beware.

The packaging is very cheap, it's almost flimsy. If dropped it will break and the eye shadows will be crumble.

Would I reccomend to anyone; If so, who? If you are an inspiring MUA or trying to get the feel for makeup, this eyeshadow is for you. You’ll have so many colors at your fingertips to experiment with.