Beauty Product Reviews

Honestly? Completely unimpressed

The liner not only smudges but by the end of the day you start looking like a panda. I am very surprised that people are loving this product. I did not like it at all. It completely does not do what it says it does. Yea sure, it looks awesome at the beginning: when you first put it on you look awesome....but after a full day of wearing, you end up constantly having to touch up the melting liner. It is anything but long lasting. I am disappointed. Thought it would be better.

Surprisingly gorgeous!

I have to admit that I was incredible surprised by this product. First I will say the down side: It is difficult to work with because it is so pigmented and there is a lot of powder: if you are not careful you can get it every where! But the upside is that it has a very beautiful shimmer to it. I honestly bought this on a whim because it was a super duper drug store sale but it is worth a lot more than what i bought it for. I really do like the color and it does not smudge off the face.

Good Quality, Efficient, and Well Made

This pallet is beyond wonderful! lots of shimmery colors that just make your eyes pop. This is my first urban decay pallet and i have to say i will be coming back for more. The quality of these shadows is fantastic. They are very pigmented, shiny, and blend-able. I really like the assortment of colors. The pallet can be used for both natural day-time looks and dramatic night-time looks. This has become my favorite pallet to use for everyday. I love it! The packaging is sturdy. I have dropped my pallet by accident and nothing happened to the shadows. Also the pallet is easy to store and its latches shut so you can throw it in ur bag and it won't open. I also love the double sided brush! The brushes separately cost about 23-26 dollars a piece, but with the pallet you get= 12 great eyeshadows, a flushy brush/flat brush, and the small lip gloss (which is a really pretty pink)= all of this is 50 Dollars. Not bad. The only downside is that i found the fluffy brush a little bit too stiff. I will continue to work with it and hopefully it gets a little more fluff!

Really does what it says it does

My face gets dry from exfoliating and this really helps with moisturizing those rough patches on your face. I got this as a sample when I was purchasing products at Sephora and now I think I will definitely come back and buy the full size. The cream is not heavy at all, nor is it oily. It gives the exact amount of moisture that my face needs. I have been searching for a long time for a face cream that was this light. I absolutely adore it and would recommend it to everyone.

Love love love this mascara!

My eyelashes look fantastic. It really coats the lash well with no clumping. The length is gorgeous and I can use this mascara without an eyelash curler. It really does make show stopping eyes. The color is super black and with one coat my lashes look amazing. I am very impressed with this product.

Worst purchase ever

I absolutely did not like this clumped my lashes way too much. It did not lengthen them at all. My eyelashes stuck together and washing it off with make-up remover was terrible. I use the Chanel make-up remover and it took way too long to take this mascara off.

I will never purchase this product again.

Loving the balance of neutrals and color

The pigment in these eyeshadows is amazing! I absolutely love how highly pigmented they are and how well they stick to the primer. The palette contains a side of bright colors and then assorted light/dark neutrals. Its the perfect palette for daytime looks and nighttime looks. It contains a variety of matte and shimmer shadows. I do wish the palette had more shimmer colors...but that is just a preference. Also the slight downside is that the shadows will not stick as well without a primer. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the product:)

Good but not durable for the long run

I received my brushes at the end of November. They were packaged great and they felt fantastic. The moment i opened the package I checked each brush for durability. I tugged slightly on the bristles and there was no fall out. In terms of applying make-up, they did the job decently. I wasn't super impressed but they seemed to work well. The only downside was that after washing them a few times (with a brush cleaner solution), i noticed that lately the bristles on the powder brush began falling out. Not too drastically but as I apply powder to set my foundation, I found little pieces of bristles that stuck to my face. Overall the rest of the brushes were pretty good. My only concern was the powder brush.