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I can’t say enough about this line. The Pendulum Potion is the first step in a facial cleansing “ritual” I engage in every morning and night. Near the end of a long, stressful shift I’m so ready to wash off the day I actually have a scent memory of this oil cleanser. This line has transformed the health of my skin, without having to determine needing sensitive, oily or dry versions of a product - it’s kind of a one size fits all. The first time you treat yourself to the Pendulum Potion (and the rest of the line) you won’t regret a dime you’ve spent - and the flexible payment option makes it easier to afford. You won’t run out of product before you pay it off. I last purchased a bottle of this mid-November and I still have at least 1/3rd of the product left (and I use a generous amount twice a day). So go ahead and treat yourself by taking your facial cleansing process to a whole new level - you’ll be glad you did.

Has a gentle, refreshing tingle

Well it does look like dirt lol. But my skin after use is amazing. Makes me want to use it every day - but May’s other products leave my skin looking and feeling just as good, so I don’t have to. Like my “quick take” says, it has a gentle, refreshing tingle. Enough of a tingle that one might expect some redness but that doesn’t happen. My skin is left with an even texture, smaller pores and soft, hydrated, clear skin that does NOT end up with an absorbable layer of oil in a few hours. Even if you decide not to use the rest of the line, get this exfoliator.

Hydrated skin & happy (smaller) pores

The entire May Lindstrom line is unlike any I’ve ever tried and believe me, I’ve tried what seems like almost everything. I have combination, T-zone oily, “mature” skin and moisturizers, serums and oils have ALWAYS been my “bump in the road”. They’re usually too heavy, make my larger pores saggy and within a few hours I have a layer of oil on my skin, while at the same time my skin didn’t feel hydrated and even worse, didn’t LOOK hydrated. It took using Youth Dew and the rest of May’s line to learn the products I was using weren’t being absorbed at all. This oil along with the rest of the May Lindstrom line has been a game changer for me. Hydrated skin, smaller pores and healthy looking skin. It didn’t take long to realize that the amount of foundation I was using is no longer necessary. May Lindstrom line, in my opinion, is a system. One product working with and complementing the other. It is definitely a spa-like experience going through the steps massaging and giving my skin the love it has been craving and actually takes less time. I was using FIFTEEN products (alternating, concurrently and periodically) to do only part of what May Lindstrom’s entire line of 7 products does for me (and 2 of the 7 are every 2-3 days, every week products). Another thing about the line I love is there’s no “do I need the oil (or cleanser or toner) for oily skin, sensitive skin or the anti-aging?”. I’m so happy that May has taken that out of the equation. You’ll start to see a difference right away and it only gets better the longer you use them.

Very pleased

My first 50 ml bottle of this product is now an empty container! Loved it so much I had to go for the 100 ml size! It will last awhile for sure and that’s awesome because it works really well. My neck and décolletage have never looked better since the signs of aging began to creep in. It has improved the crepe paper texture, increased firmness and minimized wrinkles of my neck and all but eliminated the deeper lines across my décolletage.


There’s a review that headlines “this is the last eye serum I will ever buy.” Well, this IS the last eye serum I will ever buy. This stuff LITERALLY has lifted the hood of my eye off of my eyelid. Remember it’s a serum, and you may or may not need to use a moisturizer. Play around with using the serum over or under your moisturizer if you do need it. I use moisturizer under eye only and I find it works best for me to use the serum over the moisturizer. I do not use moisturizer on the upper eyelid, just the serum. I’m having fun wearing eye shadow again.

Moisture balance & overall improvement

This serum really helps with moisture balance throughout the day. No more excessive oiliness in the afternoon, along with other benefits of a good HA like plumping fine lines. This, along with the CAIS gives my skin an overall smoother, firmer appearance. I LOVE it, no matter the cost. Try one bottle and you’ll be happy to shell out the $$$.


I LOVE this finishing powder. It blurs imperfections as if you were literally basking in dim light. You know, the kind that hides the larger pores and fine lines? It’s finely milled so it doesn’t settle INTO fine lines making them even more obvious which is what not-so-finely milled powders tend to do. I’d be willing to bet that after you try Dim light, you just might venture out and try some of the other shades of the Ambient Light Collection.

Great to avoid feathering

I’ve always been sort of a lame-duck where lip liners are concerned but this isn’t really a lip liner and even I can apply it evenly. Really does prevent feathering.

I love ALL of my CT Lipcheats. Hot Gossip in particular is very versatile in that it goes with sooooo many colors.

Favorite lip!!!

This is my FAVORITE lip color!!! I absolutely love the color! A previous reviewer (either here or on Charlotte's website) stated the color was not true to the swatch advertised - NOT true. I have 3 of these now and each is exactly as pictured. Matte color that isn't drying.

Light feeling full coverage

I've always been reluctant to use a full coverage foundation for fear of it feeling heavy and looking cakey. This foundation does neither. It feels light and the coverage is amazing. It does not settle in to my fine lines and the color is a rich, caramel tone with no hint of yellow. This foundation lasts through a 12-hour hospital shift - which is always a really significant accomplishment in my book.

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