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I bought all three and I’m keeping them

I have waaaay too many lip glosses. But a couple of years ago I bought a summery Kevin Aucoin lip gloss called Sunlight and loved it so much I bought a back up.

These new formulas are just as nourishing and glossy as the old formula. I have really dry lips so any formula I use has to be moisturizing and nourishing and my lips have to feel better off by wearing it otherwise I’m not touching it. Crystal Clear was the first one I bought, and I absolutely love it. It’s a high shine gloss, and it’s thick and moisturizing. The glitter is soft and subtle; it’s not a super-chunky glitter. I can wear it to work, and to an evening out. It’s just gorgeous. The description and close up picture show blue sparkles, but wearing it I don’t see the blue. It’s just lightly sparkly, a gorgeous classic shimmer.

Prism Rose is a beautiful soft neutral shade, again, nourishing and moisturizing. My lips are very pigmented so it doesn’t show up that much; if anything it tones down the redness of my lips and looks great with a smoky eye.

Spectrum Bronze is my least favorite; it’s a lighter tan shade than most of the summer bronze glosses I’ve seen over the years. But the formula is so great I’m keeping it. I bought a back up of the Crystal Clear gloss. It’s so classic and timeless, and feels so good on I never want to run out. ❤️

Pretty good for 4+ hours of sweaty hiking

Tested this primer and the TF mink mirage eye quad on a 4+ hours sweaty hike. I was impressed by the minimal to no smearing or running of the colors. I smudged my lash line and upper lid with the dark brown and it stayed put completely, which was awesome! I washed the upper lids with the lighter brown but by the end of the hike it looked like it disappeared, but the color is only slightly darker than my skin and it was kind of hard to tell if the primer worked because the color is so nude. I would assume it did because the dark brown stayed put. Overall I like the primer a lot. I used to use TF dual primer (the one in the pot with the cream and powder) which I liked a lot, and this one is even better. This one is brightening. I let it dry and then applied shadow. A lot comes out with the applicator so I wipe the applicator against the tube first to get some off.

Love so much

This was a huge splurge for me. I rarely wear perfume, but I tried this in a store a few years ago and have been in crazy mad love ever since. I have a fairly large sample of it, but am unable to spritz from the sample bottle. At $320 I just could not justify buying this...until now. Well I still can’t justify it other than to say I just couldn’t wait any longer! My samples are old (but still smell great), but now I can spritz all over my body to my nose’s delight. I love it because It allows me to wear my no-scent heavy-duty 50+ SPF sunscreen, and also smell like the most-summery, sexy, beach-y suntan oil. I cannot express how much I love this scent. It’s hard for me to tell what the staying power is, but it does tend to wear off my wrists pretty quickly. It will stay on my clothes, though. None of that matters to me. I am in complete summer heaven.


Unlike any lip gloss I’ve ever used. Beautiful pearly, glossy finish. No huge chunks of glitter. I have very pigmented lips and love wearing this alone. It feels so nourishing. The only thing I’m not crazy about is it separates in the tube after a while, and cannot be reconstituted even with a vigorous shake. But I can deal with that since it’s such a gorgeous product.


I love the shade Metallic Mink. I have Espresso, too, which is beautiful in terms of formulation, but the color is your basic brown. Nor so with Metallic Mink - it is just a gorgeous soft medium brown with just the right amount of shimmer, and so blendable. I love this pencil so much I bought three. Love love love.

3-1/8" (8 cm) long!

Length is great to get to the bottom of deeper cosmetics jars. No coating that flakes off. So much nicer than those little plastic spatulas that come with some products. Well worth the extra cents. Bought two and will buy more cuz they're so cute.

Great for dry skin, and for daytime use

I've been using this formulation daily for about 5 months. It's become a must-use during my morning routine. I have dry, aging (45 years old), fair skin. I apply about a quarter of a dropper-full on top of my water-based serums, and under my moisturizer and sunscreen. If I skip a day, I feel the difference. Over 5 months I have noticed a marked improvement in my facial tone, lessening of wrinkles, and improvement in overall skin health. I take good care of my skin and have made a lot of positive changes in my skin care routine recently (thank you The Ordinary!), and this formulation of vit C is one of the many improvements I have made in the last half-year, so I can't attribute everything to this, but it's been a consistent part of my daily regimen. I need far less makeup now, and my skin is radiant and glowing. Honestly I've been doing double-takes in the mirror because I just don't believe that's me looking back - it's just that good! I highly, highly recommend. I'm on my 2nd bottle, using daily, a little goes a long way.

Better than all other brands... the following ways: Easier to spread, absorption within minutes, no feeling of excessive oiliness, immediate moisturizing and calming effects, next-day visible results of softer smoother skin with evened-out skin tone. The price is the cherry on top of the sundae.

Great for dry, maturing skin

My stats: 45 years young, dry skin, a few pronounced wrinkles, about 4 areas on my face with broken capillaries. I used to have very red skin around my nose and cheeks, but since changing up my skincare and consistently using The Ordinary products, my facial redness has disappeared to the point where I need 1/4 of the foundation I used to need (I also eat a healthy diet, move around a lot, drink lots of water, and wear mineral sunscreen religiously). I'm now on my 2nd bottle of this vit C product. I use it daily after my water-based serums and peptides (Buffet and Argireline), and before moisturizing cream and sunscreen. I have seen a significant improvement in my skin since adding this product into my regimen. It feels *so good* on dry skin - using a few drops adds a layer of comforting extra moisture to my face, it's so easy to spread, it's not heavy, and just feels great. I also rotate The Ordinary's vit C (the grainy one) at night - all in all The Ordinary has helped my skin make amazing improvements in 6 months of daily use, and this product is contributes to the amazingness that is my skin today! ❤️

Why parabens?

I was so excited to try this product. I generally love Charlotte Tilbury products and this sounded absolutely amazing. When I looked at the ingredients list, I was really upset and didn't even put in my face. If other beauty companies want to put toxic chemicals, fine, but I expected more from Charlotte Tilbury. Why would she do this to people who love her and her products? I almost feel personally hurt. I'll be carefully looking over the ingredients lists of my other products from her, and thinking twice before I buy her stuff again. Why, Charlotte? Bought this from another company (sorry Beautylish) then returned.

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